Rooney questions Maguire guilty verdict: ‘It’s not his character’

Manchester United and England legend Wayne Rooney has backed Harry Maguire.

The United skipper is set for a retrial after his legal team appealed his guilty verdict following his arrest while on holiday in Mykonos last week.

Maguire was handed a 21-month suspended prison sentence after he was found guilty of assaulting a police officer and attempted bribery.

The appeal invalidates Tuesday’s ruling, meaning Maguire has no criminal record ahead of the retrial.

Maguire has received the backing of his club and now Old Trafford hero Rooney has also shown his support.

“Knowing Harry the way I know him, it’s completely not his character,” rooney told talkSPORT.

“It’s out of character, everything that was reported to have happened.

“I couldn’t get my head around how it went to court, he was found guilty and sentenced all within the space of about two hours… how has that happened?

“Harry’s not that type of person at all. He was out there with his girlfriend, his family and friends and their girlfriends, so it’s not a group of lads, where sometimes things happen.

“So, in my opinion, something has gone on that has maybe provoked him.

“It’s just out of character, it’s not him at all. I just think as a nation, as people, we are too quick to judge.

“Obviously he was found guilty and there’s an appeal, so at the minute there’s no charges now against his name until the next court date.”

Rooney is no stranger to the pressure of the spotlight, and was the first to admit on Thursday morning that he’s had his own brushes with the law.

But the Man United legend continued to insist, while he had his troubles in the past, Maguire is not that type or person.

“It’s not easy,” he added.

“Obviously I’ve made my own mistakes and I’ve had my issues with the law, both in England and abroad as well, so I know how difficult that can be.

“But I just think with Harry, he’s not that character at all.

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“I’ve also heard people saying why doesn’t he hire a villa and stay in a villa, but why should he? He’s a human being!

“I’ve only ever had security once in my whole career, and that was coming off the back of Euro 2004.

“You don’t think like that, when you’re out with your girlfriend or your wife you don’t think of any trouble occurring. So for me something’s gone on that isn’t right, and as a human being you might react…”

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