Rumors: Dolph Ziggler's Contract, Hulk Hogan/NJPW, Future of WWE PPVs

— According to a recent Sports Illustrated article, Dolph Ziggler’s new contract with WWE is worth $1.5 million per year. As well, he never really seriously considered leaving the company and always had intentions of re-signing.

Sports Illustrated also reports that New Japan made an offer to Hulk Hogan to appear at January’s Wrestle Kingdom as an honorary member of the Bullet Club, however, nothing materialized after Hogan’s team asked for $750,000 which the Japanese promotion declined.

— On a related note, one source mentioned to that New Japan was never really that committed to bringing Hogan from the get go because the feeling was that if WWE ever came knocking on Hogan’s door – the chances of which seemed higher at this time of the year – he would immediately bolt.

— According to speculation on a recent Wrestling Observer Radio, after WWE goes to dual branded PPV events beginning in May, it’s possible that all PPVs will be expanded to be four hours in length as a way to get more matches on the card. One of the concerns for joint Raw/Smackdown PPVs is that there isn’t much time left on a normal three-hour show for any mid-card matches.