Rusev On Why ‘Rusev Day’ Is More Than a Cool Catchphrase, Says Lana Has “The Best In-Ring Psychology” of WWE’s Women

WWE Smackdown Live star Rusev recently spoke with The Indian Express and below are some interview highlights.

On the popularity and significance of “Rusev Day”:

“Its more than a cool catchphrase- it’s a mentality and it’s celebrating yourself every day. People understand it and they feel the of passion behind it and that is why the amazing response,” said the former US Champion. “I’m an artist and I have a lot more to offer in this business. I’m not a one-dimensional character. I feel like the WWE Universe sees that and understands it and they’re behind it right now,” he added.

On Lana possibly winning the WWE Smackdown Women’sTitle:

“Of course she can. In the women’s division, she has the best in-ring psychology. She just has to push and one day she will click and that will be great.”

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