RVD Talks About Backstage Morale In WWE, Why He Left In 2007

During a recent interview with SLAM! Wrestling, Rob Van Dam talked about backstage morale in WWE:

“The locker room is a different vibe, it’s a more positive vibe, guys are not afraid for their position like they used to be. At the end (of his first run with WWE) it was really miserable. Plus, I have more leverage now. I have more seniority with guys like Rock, Hogan, Flair, DX gone. It’s different how I’m being treated. I’m in a different point in my life. The traveling is not as hard as it was. I’m enjoying it now. We just had an 18-day tour and I was kind of apprehending that tour, but it wasn’t like that at all, it was a pleasure and I enjoyed it a lot.”

He also commented on why he left WWE back in 2007 and why he’s better equipped to cope with the WWE travel schedule:

“I left WWE because I needed more balance in my life, I needed to have my energies balanced and now was the time to come back. The schedule is not lighter. I’d say that it’s even more traveling than when I was here, but it’s not as challenging for me.”

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