Sami For Syria’s Mobile Clinic, GFW Team Returning, New WWE Show

Sami Zayn has taken on a lot of responsibility in helping people in need due to the crisis over in Syria. He has been very active in getting people the attention that they need. Zayn launched his Sami for Syria donation campaign a few weeks back, and the project has already seen a major milestone be accomplished. Sami wrote on Twitter that he has officially been able to get a mobile clinic opened in Syria. Since tons of Syrians are unable to afford medical care, Zayn and the Syrian American Medical Society have worked together to open the clinic. The new mobile clinic has a doctor, nurse, midwife, and psychological care team as well.

Tears of joy on the proudest day of my life.
Our mobile clinic in Syria is up & running!
— Sami Zayn (@SamiZayn) August 31, 2017
Multiple new wrestlers have entered the Impact Zone since it was taken over by Anthem and Jeff Jarrett. One of the newer teams to show up in the Impact Zone since the company was rebranded as GFW is Reno Scum. The team consists of Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend, and they had been challenging for the Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Championships. The team has been off of television since April of this year due to Thornstowe suffering a bicep tear. PWInsider now reports that the injury is looking better, and the team should be returning to Global Force Wrestling when they have their television tapings in November.
WWE is continuing their global expansion more and more with each passing day. We may not know the status of their UK show, but the company has been announcing partnerships with multiple countries all year. It was announced by WWE that they will be creating a new show which will air for the citizens in Mexico. WWE Saturday Night is the name of the show being aired tomorrow on Fox Sports 2 in Mexico at 9pm CDT. The show is being brought as a result of a new partnership with WWE and Fox Sports Mexico, and the new show features highlights from some of WWE’s weekly programming. The following comments were included in WWE’s announcement:

“We are very excited to launch this new project with WWE that we have been working on for many months,” said Ernesto López, Senior Vice President, FOX Sports Mexico production and programming. “We are confident that WWE Saturday Night will strengthen our relationship with a great brand like WWE while also delivering unique and spectacular content to our viewers.”
“We are excited to partner with FOX Sports Mexico to deliver new, localized content throughout the region and expand our reach,” said Joaquin Del Rivero, WWE Vice President & General Manager, Latin America. “WWE Saturday Night offers a premier destination for FOX Sports Latin America’s viewers to enjoy WWE’s blend of action-packed, family-friendly entertainment.”