Schedule Of WWE Network Specials For This Week

Here’s the complete schedule for WWE Network original programming premieres for this week:

Monday:: Jerry Springer’s “WWE: Too Hot For TV” will be released on-demand after RAW.

Tuesday: King of the Ring live special at 8pm EST

Wednesday: Mick Foley Night kicks off at 9pm EST with a 1-hour career highlights. At 10pm is a special edition of Foley’s “Cheap Pops” comedy show, taped last week from Full Sail University.

Thursday: Chris Jericho’s podcast with Stephanie McMahon following Smackdown at 10pm EST.

Friday: A special on Floyd Mayweather vs. Big Show from WrestleMania 24 at 9pm EST, obviously playing off the Mayweather-Pacquaio fight this Saturday.

Next week, a new edition of WWE 24 focusing on Roman Reigns will premiere after RAW.

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