Shane McMahon's Missed Punches, JBL Appearance Flops, Evan Bourne DVD


— According to a fan in attendance, John Bradshaw Layfield’s appearance at Ohio Valley Wrestling this past Tuesday drew poorly. It’s interesting to note that last September, JBL did an autograph signing for his MamaJuana Energy Drink at The Vitamin Shoppe in Cleveland a few hours prior to the Unforgiven pay-per-view and according to a fan in attendance who attends countless shows & signings, it drew around a dozen fans. It was also a free signing. Back to his appearance this past Tuesday, OVW had been building up a JBL match on television for several weeks, but an issue with the Kentucky Athletic Commission prevented him from working the OVW house show that night in The Davis Arena.

— Image Entertainment, Inc. released a DVD on current ECW wrestler Evan Bourne titled “Before They Were Stars: Matt Sydal: Bourne Is Born” last week. The DVD features every match Bourne participated in Wrestling Society X as well as promos and a music video.

— People watching the end of Monday’s Raw noticed that Shane McMahon missed a few punches directed towards Randy Orton during their brawl. On the replay of Raw that aired this past week on mun2, the footage aired as is with no changes made as the missed punches were still shown with Orton selling them. Oftentimes, WWE edits around moves gone blatantly wrong on live television, but not in this case.

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