Sluggish Slammiversary Ticket Sales, TNA 2 Hours Update, Earl Hebner

partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

TNA’s Slammiversary pay-per-view is this Sunday and you can still get a fourth row seat as of this post. Floor seats cost $125, which probably explains the sluggish ticket sales. However, TNA pay-per-views tend to draw good walk-up crowds, and Nashville seems like a walk-up town, so maybe it won’t be so bad in the end. Although of course there is the $125 per ticket fee, which might prevent people who would go to the show if the prices weren’t so high, for Nashville’s TNA fans at least.

They were going to do a video shoot on 6/6 in Nashville for the Slammiversary pay-per-view, but on Memorial Day, the production crew and the ten wrestlers working the shoot were told that it was cancelled. The reason for the cancellation was because Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter were having a meeting with some television executives, although who it was wasn’t clear. Jarrett has told wrestlers of late that he’s really confident in getting two hours on Spike. TNA has had discussions with other parties as well, so TNA has a bit of leverage in making a two hour show finally happen. Their contract with Spike expires this fall.

Referee Earl Hebner missed the 5/14 Impact tapings because his wife suffered a stroke. He was back for the 5/28 tapings.

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