Snowden 'Called to Serve the Cause of Our Free Press'

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is joining the board of directors of the Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF), an organization founded just over a year ago with a mission to fund and support transparency journalism.

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Other members of the board Snowden will join in February include founding members Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras, two of the key journalists who have brought Snowden’s leaks to the public, as well as Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg.

“It is tremendously humbling to be called to serve the cause of our free press, and it is the honor of a lifetime to do so alongside extraordinary Americans like Daniel Ellsberg on FPF’s Board of Directors,” Snowden said in a release from the organization.  “The unconstitutional gathering of the communications records of everyone in America threatens our most basic rights, and the public should have a say in whether or not that continues.  Thanks to the work of our free press, today we do, and if the NSA won’t answer to Congress, they’ll have to answer to the newspapers, and ultimately, the people.”

Speaking to CNN‘s Jake Tapper on Tuesday about Snowden’s joining FPF, Ellsberg said that Snowden “represents the values” of the organization, “which are that investigative journalism is essential to the First Amendment, freedom of the press and of speech.”


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