*Spoilers* TNA "One Night Only" Jokers Wild Tag Tournament Tapings Results

TNA taped the first two “One Night Only” Friday night pay-per-view results on Saturday from Orlando, Florida. The show will air on May 3rd.

Here are spoiler results for the first event, a Joker’s Wild Tag Tournament where random wrestlers were paired together for tag matches, with the 6 winning teams placed in a gauntlet match to determine who wins $100,000.

– James Storm & Christian York beat Crimson & Gunner.

– Mr Anderson & Jessie beat Kid Kash & Doug Williams.

– Samoa Joe & Daniels beat X Division champion Rob Van Dam & Chavo Guerrero.

– Bobby Roode & Joseph Park beat Robbie E. & Zema Ion.

– TV champion Devon & D.O.C. beat TNA tag champion Hernandez & Alex Silva.

– Matt Morgan & Robbie T. beat Al Snow & Joey Ryan.

– James Storm won the Gauntlet Match main event to win $100,000.

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(Source: TNAInsider.com)