Steve Austin, Chris Jericho & More Comment On Heyman's Fake Heart Attack

Moday’s RAW featured a controversial angle, with Paul Heyman and CM Punk mocking Jerry Lawler’s heart attack by Heyman faking a heart attack of his own. Several former WWE superstars spoke to Arda Ocal of the Baltimore Sun about the angle, including Steve Austin, Chris Jericho and Lance Storm.

Here are some highlights of what they said about WWE turning Lawler’s brush with death into a storyline:

Steve Austin: “I believe in pushing the envelope in an aggressive fashion. But when a guy damn near dies at ringside, let it go. You look at all the contributions Jerry Lawler has made in this business: from a work standpoint, a promo standpoint and then as a broadcaster. I think that’s pushing the envelope in the wrong direction. There’s better ways to go get real heat than that.”

Chris Jericho: “I think it was pretty obvious, don’t you? I kind of expected it. Punk’s promo was awesome. It’s wrestling so you knew it would end up as an angle sooner or later. I got the same complaints when I did the alcoholic angle (earlier this year with CM Punk). It would be like being mad at “Breaking Bad” because the dad was a drug addict or something. It’s just a TV show, after all.”

Lance Storm: “Thought it was poor. Both he and Punk are capable to get real heat, no need to sink so low. Also thought it was out of character for Punk so it hurt. Punk is about Best in World and himself. Why bother joking about heart attack it goes nowhere. Interuption was okay and in character. Fake heart attack was cheap and pointless.”

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