Steve Austin Talks Tough Enough & Ric Flair Appearing On His Podcast

WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin spoke to this week to hype SummerSlam and the new WWE 2K14 video game. During the interview, Austin spoke about being “pissed off” that the show never got an additional season.

“When that show didn’t come back, I was pissed off,” Austin said. “It was a great show. The numbers were very good. We had a great time doing it. Why they didn’t bring it back still baffles me to this day because I loved doing that show. It was a great way to be in the business I know and love without having to be in the ring taking lumps.”

Steve also plugged his podcast which will feature Ric Flair as a special guest this week.

“Whether’s it one hour or six hours or whatever, he’s my favorite pro-wrestler of all time,” Austin said. “I had a wonderful career that I’m proud of, but when I look in the dictionary of pro-wrestler, I see the picture of Ric Flair. I’m looking forward to talking with him about his career in ring.”

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