"Stone Cold" On Whether He Would Succeed Today, WWE Highlights Raven, Torrie

– Leading up to SummerSlam, WWE Games had an incredible opportunity to chat with the legendary Texas Rattlesnake, WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin. Aubrey Sitterson went into the interview with a list of questions for the iconic Superstar, including his thoughts on WWE ’13, the “Attitude Era” and current WWE Champion CM Punk. Unfortunately, things took a different spin, as Austin took issue with Sitterson’s line of questions, tone and pretty much everything about the hapless WWE Games Community Manager.

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– The official WWE website has added Raven to its Alumni section. WWE says of the accomplished wrestler: “No competitor caused as much of a stir in the original ECW as the grungy sociopath from The Bowery known only as Raven. The loner toyed with both Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman before arriving in WCW and WWE.”

– Amidst reports of New York Yankees player Alex Rodriguez allegedly flirting with a pair of women two rows behind the dugout during Game 1 of the American League Championship Series, the official WWE website has posted photos of his girlfriend, Torrie Wilson.

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