Terry Funk Pulls Out of Starrcast Citing Health Reasons, Paul Heyman Reflects On Brock Lesnar’s Historic Title Reign

Paul Heyman Tweeted the following, reflecting on Brock Lesnar’s historic WWE Universal Title reign:

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY —@BrockLesnar‘s historic @WWE #UniversalTitle reign lasted over 500 days. In this modern era, that is an almost-unthinkable accomplishment! pic.twitter.com/LJgPqbYU2L

— Paul Heyman (@HeymanHustle) August 24, 2018

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Terry Funk Pulls Out of Starrcast Citing Health Reasons

Starrcast has Tweeted the following, announcing Terry Funk has pulled out of his scheduled Starrcast appearance citing health reasons:

Unfortunately, Terry Funk has informed us he will be unable to make the trip to Chicago next week citing health reasons. As a result the Emtpy Arena Match Retrospective is now cancelled. Refunds for his Meet & Greets and Eat & Greets will be issued within the next 48 hours. (1/3)

— #StarrcastOnFITE (@Starrcast18) August 24, 2018

Lawler will still be available for photos when he was scheduled with Funk (on sale Friday). Also, Jerry will still be a part of the Remembering Andy Kaufman panel on Saturday. Although refunds will be issued within 48 hours, it may take your bank longer to reflect that. (2/3)

— #StarrcastOnFITE (@Starrcast18) August 24, 2018

The Empty Arena Match Retrospective is now being replaced by Total Non-Stop Jarrett on Friday 2-3:30PM. The Death of WCW will now be 11:30-1P on Saturday. All Saturday shows now end by 3P, plenty of time to make it @Sears_Centre to see @ALL_IN_2018 Zero Hour. (3/3) Stay tuned..

— #StarrcastOnFITE (@Starrcast18) August 24, 2018