The John Report: The WWE Raw Deal 07/15/13

Live from Brooklyn, New York this is the Raw Deal for episode #1051. Follow me on Twitter @johnreport.

If you missed my WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view recap you can check it out RIGHT HERE. I thought it was a great show. I enjoyed it.

The “Tonight is the Night” intro song started us off. There was also a fantastic pyrotechnics display. We don’t get that every week. The announcers for the show are Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and John Bradshaw Layfield.

The lights went out, a drumroll played and then new Raw GM Brad Maddox was standing at the top of the ramp. Maddox entered the ring and announced there would be an Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler match later in the night. John Cena’s music started up to interrupt Maddox.

The WWE Champion John Cena said that Maddox may be an okay GM. He was happy to give him a chance. Maddox told Cena he had admired Cena ever since he was a teenager watching on television. He admires how Cena treats those less privileged than him. Maddox said Cena gets to choose his opponent for Summerslam. The crowd chanted “yes” loudly. They want Daniel Bryan. He said he could choose Dok Hendrix, Dutch Mantel or even Michael Cole. They did that before and it was one of the worst matches ever. He even said he could wrestle one of the Bella twins. He’s dating Nikki. So clever, huh? As Cena was trying to talk, Randy Orton’s music started up.

Orton won the Money in the Bank briefcase on Sunday and he brought it with him. He warned Maddox not to get too far ahead of himself. Orton said that there’s a chance Cena will not be champion at Summerslam. He said he’s not going to cash in tonight to make the same mistake as Cena last year. He believes that you should take advantage of opportunities given to you. Orton said that when he cashes in his MITB Contract, Cena will never see it coming. Fandango’s music interrupted this.

The crowd was dancing and singing along with the Fandango theme song as he entered with Summer Rae. Fandango said that Orton won’t be able to cash the briefcase in against Cena – it will be against Fandango. Fandango and Cena each said his name slowly Faaan-daaan-gooo and as Fandango said it, Orton attacked Fandango. Orton hit a clothesline and threw Fandango outside the ring. Maddox made the match for right now: Orton vs. Fandango.

Analysis: The big news from that is that Cena gets to pick his opponent for Summerslam. Hopefully it ends up being Daniel Bryan like the crowd wants. That’s what I want too. I thought Maddox did a good job in his first segment as GM of Raw. They also set up the first match in a logical way. The crowd was really into Fandango, so that was good to hear.


Randy Orton vs. Fandango

There was a “Summer Rae” chant by the Brooklyn crowd. She’s a fine looking woman. Good job crowd. Orton was in control for a couple of minutes as he hit a back body drop among other moves. They encouraged fans to use the hashtag #cenaschoice on Twitter for fans to suggest a name as Cena’s Summerslam opponent. Dropkick by Orton got a two count. Fandango took control of the action as he threw Orton into the steel steps. They went to break six minutes into the match.

Analysis: The crowd is loud. I like that.


Did I mention that Maddox is clearly qualified to be GM since he didn’t have an opening match planned? That’s like every GM in Raw history! They returned from the break with Fandango hitting a back suplex (Cena is furious he stole one of his moves!). More camera shots of Summer Rae is a good thing. Orton came back with a T-Bone Suplex. Superplex by Orton and then a powerslam. Fandango got a boot to the face, but Orton came back with a DDT off the middle rope. Orton hit the RKO to win the match after 14 minutes. The crowd popped huge for that.

Winner: Randy Orton

Analysis: **1/2 I’m surprised it went that long. It was a good match, but not something that blew me away. A match that long would typically be better, but I don’t think Fandango’s at a point in his career where he’s good enough to have great matches that are that long. He might get there. Not yet. It’s nice to see him in a longer match. There was nothing wrong with it. I just don’t think the match stood out in any way.

The announce team discussed how at Money in the Bank, Alberto Del Rio escaped the event with the World Title after AJ Lee “accidentally” cost Ziggler the match.

Dolph Ziggler was shown walking backstage when AJ showed up. She gave him a hug. He wasn’t receptive to it. Ziggler told her that it was time for him to move on. He told AJ that they were done.

Analysis: This will likely lead to a vengeful AJ sending Langston after Ziggler. I liked the Ziggler/Lee pairing, but it was obviously time to move on.

Mark Henry was shown walking backstage.


Mark Henry entered the ring in a blue suit. He only busts out the pink for fake retirements. Henry lost the WWE Title match on Sunday as we saw via pictures.

Henry gave Cena credit for beating him. He said he gave it all he had. There was a “you tapped out” chant at him. Henry said that he’d tap y’all out too. There was a “Sexual Chocolate” chant from the crowd too. Henry talked over them as he said that he wants to be the guy for Cena to face at Summerslam. Who interrupts? The Shield.

The Shield entered the arena through the crowd like usual. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns looked like they were ready for a fight. Henry stared at them. Henry knocked Reigns off the apron. The others attacked Henry as Reigns came back. Clothesline by Henry on each guy. Ambrose jumped on his back, Henry kicked Rollins and then Reigns hit a huge Spear on Henry to slow him down. They picked up Henry for the three man Powerbomb. It connected. The Shield stood over the fallen Henry as the crowd chanted “holy shit” at their work.

Analysis: That was impressive. It looks like a babyface turn for Henry, which makes sense since he’s a veteran performer that the fans have been cheering of late. It’s nice to see a Shield attack like that. We don’t see them as often as we used to.

Del Rio vs. Ziggler is up next. It’s non-title apparently.


Brad Maddox was on a phone backstage. Chris Jericho showed up to talk to him. Maddox suggested that Jericho try to impress Cena to get a WWE Title match. Maddox wanted to see Rob Van Dam vs. Jericho. Jericho was into the idea, so we’ll see it later in the show.

Analysis: Two popular veterans. Easy formula for a match.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler

As mentioned, it is not for Del Rio’s World Title. Ziggler got a couple of nearfalls early with a dropkick followed by a neckbreaker. Then he did his ten elbow drops to the chest with the crowd chanting along for all of it. Ziggler missed a corner charge, which led to Del Rio taking control. Del Rio hit a reverse superplex for two. They did that move at Money in the Bank and it worked again here. Ziggler came back with a successful corner splash and then a clothesline. Del Rio gave Ziggler a back body drop over the top rope to the floor that Ziggler sold by landing on his chest. Usually guys take that bump on their feet. Not Ziggler. He landed hard! It was impressive looking, but was likely very painful too. That led to the vintage floor to commercial break.


They replayed that bump by Ziggler. It’s very impressive, yet it’s also something I hope more people don’t do because you can really get hurt doing that. Del Rio remained in control of the action until Ziggler hit a pretty Tornado DDT for two. Ziggler hit a dropkick for a two count. Del Rio came back with a bridging German Suplex for two. It’s like their MITB match with a lot of nearfalls. Ziggler countered the Cross Armbreaker into a neckbreaker for two. “Let’s Go Ziggler” chant by the crowd as Del Rio hit a running Enziguiri kick for two. Del Rio missed a corner charge and he went shoulder first into the steel post. Ziggler with the Fameasser off the rope. The ref was going to count, but then the ring bell rang. It was AJ Lee. Ziggler yelled at her. Del Rio hit Ziggler with a side kick to the head. He covered to win the match after 13 minutes.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Analysis: *** It was a very good match with each man trading moves from start to finish. The crowd was into everything that they did. Del Rio took advantage of the distraction to win the match. I didn’t mind the finish because it’s not something they do all the time. Instead of a physical interference, she rang the bell to distract Ziggler and it worked.

Post match, Lee went in the ring. She freaked out as she slapped Ziggler. Big E Langston showed up to drop Ziggler with a hard clothesline. Langston hit The Big Ending on Ziggler. Lee gave Ziggler a quick kiss as he was knocked out. That was the Kiss of Death, I guess you could say.

Analysis: There’s a Summerslam match most likely. It’s a shame that Ziggler isn’t in the World Title picture anymore, but hopefully he can get back there soon. It will be the biggest match of Langston’s career as he takes on Ziggler.

Later tonight we’ll find out John Cena’s Summerslam WWE Title decision regarding his opponent.


There was a replay of the opening promo.

R-Truth made his entrance. He hasn’t been seen much in the last month because his sister recently passed away due to cancer. He did his “What’s Up” rap on his way to the ring. The lights went out. Bray Wyatt was on the screen and he said “we’re here.”

The Wyatt Family walked down to the ring. The lights were off. This might be my favorite theme song after Mark Henry’s song. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper attacked Truth as the lights came on. Wyatt watched from a rocking chair outside the ring. They dumped Truth outside the ring.

Wyatt said that there isn’t such a thing as a hero. Not anymore. We have become addicted to the illusion of what a hero is. We think we need somebody to pat us on the back and tell us that everything is alright. The crowd tried the “what” routine, but it wasn’t working. “Everything is not alright!” He said that the man that made us is a liar. “Your own flesh and blood turned his back on you.” He’ll never turn his back on us. Maybe he has been the answer all along. Truth got back to his feet. He stood on the apron with a chair.

Wyatt called his boys off. Wyatt attacked with a corner splash. Rowan and Harper attacked Truth. Wyatt dropped Truth with his neckbreaker variation. Wyatt said that he (Truth) was not the truth they seek. He said that Kane should follow the buzzards. They posed as the segment ended. The fans booed the Wyatt Family for most of it, but also cheered a bit because they have a different presence about them.

Analysis: I thought that was outstanding. This gimmick is so fun. People are really going to react to them when they have matches and go after bigger names like Kane last week. It was nice to hear a Wyatt promo. His promos are unlike anybody in WWE, so they allow him to stand out. He’s doing the thing where he’s trying to control people’s minds and turn them into followers. It was similar to last week in that they picked a babyface to attack and nobody came out to help Truth. I guess he’s not that popular after all? Wyatt mentioned Kane at the end, so it looks like that’s where his focus remains.

Go to the WWE App to vote to see who faces The Real Americans: Usos, Tons of Funk or Prime Time Players. Is that the worst poll in WWE history? Maybe.


There was a video package about the WWE Performance Center that opened last week in Orlando. It’s a great thing for WWE’s future. I’m happy that they’ve spent the time and money to develop something that can benefit the company so well long term.

The Real Americans Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro entered along with their manager Zeb Colter. He complained about other languages spoken in New York. He even mentioned Greek, which made me mark out a bit (Canton’s a pen name, malaka). Colter told Cena to choose Swagger or Cesaro as his WWE Title opponent for Summerslam.

Jerry Lawler revealed the vote results for their opponents: Usos 55%, Tons of Funk 27% and Prime Time Players 18%. Good choice.

The Usos vs. Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro (w/Zeb Colter)

Cesaro hit Jimmy with a gutwrench suplex. Two minutes in, Jey got the hot tag with a cross body block for two. Great superkick on Swagger. Cesaro hit an uppercut. Cesaro’s gutwrench was countered into a rollup for Jey Uso. That was enough for the three count.

Winners: The Usos

Analysis: * It was a short match, but I’m fine with The Usos going over since they’re a great team that should receive more TV time.

Later in the show it’s Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho.


There was a “Be A Star” anti-bullying video with Sean “Diddy” Combs telling us to look for help out there.

The great Damien Sandow made his entrance. He had the blue briefcase with him because he won the World Title contract during the Money in the Bank ladder match. His opponent is Christian.

Damien Sandow vs. Christian

The announcers mentioned that Christian cracked some teeth during the All-Stars ladder match. Christian was on the top rope, so Sandow shoved him leading to a bad landing. Christian recovered with a Tornado DDT. You could see Christian was moving slowly, which was his way to sell the injuries from the match on Sunday. Christian hit a cross body block off the top for two. Back elbow by Christian. Sandow hit the Russian Legsweep. Christian countered the Elbow of Disdain with a pinfall that was good for three. It went about four minutes.

Winner: Christian

Analysis: *1/2 It was shorter than I would have liked, but there was nothing wrong with it. Smart win by Christian. Sandow already loses momentum after winning at MITB. That’s typical WWE booking. I’m used to it by this point.

Post match, Sandow grabbed his briefcase and said he’s still Mr. Money in the Bank. Cody Rhodes showed up to attack Sandow. He attacked him with punches as the crowd chanted “Cody” in support of Rhodes. Sandow escaped through the crowd.

Analysis: The crowd bought into the face turn of Rhodes on Sunday. They cheered his name. Very good reaction. I like seeing that.

Cena’s Summerslam decision is still coming up.


There was a comedy segment with Vickie Guerrero in the concourse of the arena asking people to sign a petition.

Brie Bella (w/Nikki Bella) vs. Naomi (w/Cameron)

Brie is the “smaller” one of the Bellas. Naomi hit a flipping clothesline and she dumped Brie outside the ring. Nikki distracted a bit, so Brie tripped up Naomi on the apron. Cole kept talking about Total Divas storylines as I dozed off a bit. Nikki hit a clothesline and then applied a rest hold. Naomi came back with a headscissors as the crowd tried to entertain themselves. Rear View butt attack by Naomi. That’s the name of the move. Naomi hit a cross body block off the top for the win after five minutes.

Winner: Naomi

Analysis: 1/2* Naomi is a very good athlete. You can tell. I just don’t need to see her against one of the Bella Twins again because they are not very good in the ring. Just because Brie’s dating Daniel Bryan doesn’t mean she can wrestle anything like him.

There was an exclusive video with Paul Heyman telling a roving reporter to stay out of his personal life. It took them nearly two hours into the show to talk about when Heyman cost Punk the Money in the Bank match.


It’s the top of hour three and that means it’s CM Punk time. He was limping down to the ring. The announcers talked about Paul Heyman’s actions on Sunday night, wondering why Heyman did what he did. Maybe because he’s a liar? That’s what he does.

CM Punk said he knew that Heyman was in the building and he knew that Brock Lesnar was in the building. He called them out.

Paul Heyman stood at the top of the ramp alone. He said he was looking at an empty ring because in his world, Punk doesn’t exist. In 2005, WWE had no vision for Punk and that Punk was merely a figment of Heyman’s imagination. Heyman taught Punk, trained him, martyred his entire career for him and then they reached the Holy Grail together as WWE Champion for 434 days. He kept saying that “we” did a lot of things together like nearly breaking Undertaker’s streak. He said that “we” were the best in the world. Heyman told Punk that without him (Heyman), Punk was not the best in the world. Heyman said that Punk failed them when they couldn’t beat Undertaker at WrestleMania. Heyman claims that Punk thinks he’s better than Heyman. The crowd was booing Heyman during this speech as expected. Heyman said that history is going to write that “Paul Heyman dumped CM Punk.” Heyman claimed that Punk had no family, he was estranged from his mother and father, he has no wife, he has no children and all that Punk has is the WWE Universe. The fans cheered for Punk.

Analysis: I’m sitting here summarizing it, but I need to jump in to say this is an excellent promo by Heyman. He’s making great points that summarize everything so well.

Heyman said Punk needs the WWE Title, so Heyman took away his title shot at Money in the Bank. Heyman claimed that his kids wondered why Punk wouldn’t listen to him anymore. Heyman’s kids wondered why Punk doesn’t listen to him like Brock Lesnar does. Heyman: “I betrayed you because, CM Punk, you can’t beat Brock Lesnar.”

Punk was in the ring alone as Heyman stood in the aisle. Punk wondered if he was done. Punk said that Heyman knows when Punk wants something bad enough he will not stop until he gets it. Punk: “I’m gonna get you. This time, I swear on your children that I am gonna get you.” He will get every one of Heyman’s associates. Punk talked about his friends, his clients, his family – “I will get my hands on, I will rip apart and I will hurt.” Punk told Heyman he had no future because he was going to hurt him and burn everything down around him. Punk called him a son of a bitch, which drew a huge reaction. Heyman said he would give Punk a look at his immediate future. Heyman said: “It’s Clobbering Time.” Brock Lesnar showed up.

There was a big reaction to Lesnar’s entrance. Punk wouldn’t take his eyes off him. Heyman attacked Punk from behind. Punk fought Lesnar, but Lesnar threw him into the barricade. Punk tried to fight back with strikes. Lesnar assaulted Punk outside the ring. Punk came back with a series of fists when Lesnar said “enough of this” and threw Punk over the announce table. Punk came back for more, Lesnar caught him and drove Punk back first into the ring post. The crowd was chanting for Punk. Lesnar gave Punk a F5 on the announce table. It didn’t break. Punk went crashing to the floor. Maybe Lesnar should have cleared the table first. Lesnar and Heyman walked off. Punk slowly got back to his feet. The crowd cheered for him. They went to break there.

Analysis: That was one of the best segments I’ve seen on Raw in a very long time. Heyman’s promo was everything it needed to be. He hit on all of the key points, explained his actions and basically told Punk the reason he turned on him was because he thought Lesnar was better than Punk. That pissed off Punk because Punk is the most confident guy who believes he is the best in the world. It’s a story that’s easy to tell and it worked perfectly. Punk’s promo was really good. No jokes. No sarcasm. It was simply an angry babyface who spoke in a threatening tone because he wants revenge on a guy he called his best friend.

As for the brawl, it was perfect. Punk didn’t back down. He went at Lesnar as best he could, but he wasn’t able to slow him down. Lesnar kicked his ass. That makes Punk the underdog in the feud. It will make the fans want to see Punk kick his ass at Summerslam when they do this match and hopefully deliver a classic brawl that I expect them to. This is only the beginning of this storyline. I absolutely loved it. What a fantastic professional wrestling segment this was. Kudos to Heyman, Punk and Lesnar. Amazing job.


They replayed the awesome Lesnar/Punk brawl.

There was a commercial for the Total Divas show that premieres on Sunday July 28th on E Network.

Backstage, WWE Champion John Cena was walking. The Great Khali talked to him. We couldn’t understand him. Cena said something back to him. Then he walked away. We presume that Khali wanted a Summerslam match, but I have no idea. Bad comedy segment.

In the office of Brad Maddox, Stephanie McMahon talked to him. Triple H showed up to. He told Maddox he thought he was doing a great job. Hunter wondered if Maddox talked to Vince McMahon yet. Hunter and Stephanie made him worry about Vince because Maddox let Cena pick the Summerslam WWE Title match. They didn’t say who they thought Cena would pick, but they kept talking about it. Hunter called Summerslam the second biggest PPV in WWE. Hunter basically said that Maddox was picked as GM because he was in the ring with Vince last week. Hunter wished Maddox “good luck in your future endeavors tonight.” Well played. Hunter & Stephanie left.

Analysis: In terms of PPV buys, Royal Rumble beats Summerslam. Summerslam is usually third. It is still a big event. This segment was done to make Maddox nervous about his decisions. Also I think Hunter and Stephanie believe Cena will pick Bryan, but they never said his name.

Rob Van Dam made his entrance to a big reaction. It’s his first time on Raw in six years.


Chris Jericho made his entrance for the match against RVD.

Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho

Both guys are in their early 40s. They can still go. There was a “ECW” chant early on. Side kick by RVD. Standing moonsault by RVD got a two count. Jericho came back with an enziguiri. “Y2J” chant from the crowd that loved both guys. Jericho hit a seated dropkick followed by the patented “c’mon baby” yell as they went to break four minutes into the match.


Back from break, Jericho wanted the Walls of Jericho submission, but RVD fought out of it and Jericho gave RVD a slingshot into the turnbuckle. Jericho gave RVD a dropkick that sent him outside the ring. After a suplex attempt by Jericho, RVD countered with a side kick to the face. Jericho got a rollup that RVD kicked out of and then Jericho hit a quick powerbomb. Some in the crowd were chanting “this is awesome” but I wouldn’t go that far. It’s good. Not that level yet. RVD wanted Rolling Thunder, Jericho moved out to the floor and then RVD hit a moonsault off the apron that connected. That led to the floor to commercial break 12 minutes into the match.

Analysis: That moonsault was definitely awesome. The match is getting good now.


Back to the action, RVD hit a flying reverse kick to the chest of Jericho in the corner. Jericho hit a couple of shoulder blocks and then a double axe off the top. JBL said that they have never looked better. I’d say they are both in very good shape, but they are not in their prime either. Jericho’s still performing at a very high level. We’ll have to see how RVD does on a consistent basis on this comeback of his. Jericho missed the Lionsault like usual. RVD came back with the Rolling Thunder for two. Jericho hit a DDT that RVD sold like a headstand, which is how he usually sells a DDT. Standing side kick by RVD knocked Jericho down. Jericho’s bulldog was countered by RVD, who threw Jericho into the turnbuckle. RVD missed a moonsault and then Jericho hit a Lionsault for two. RVD went to the top where Jericho tripped him up. RVD hit a 360 Splash off the top rope on Jericho, who was standing when RVD hit the move, for a two count. That was an awesome nearfall. Jericho applied the Walls of Jericho. RVD made it to the ropes. RVD had some blood on his head possibly from the staples he needed to close a cut from Money in the Bank. RVD hit the step through heel kick to the face. RVD to the top, Five Star Frog Splash and that was enough for the victory after 22 minutes.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Post match, Cole just wondered if anybody got any higher than RVD. That’s a VINTAGE marijuana reference right there. I loved how they showed the Frog Splash from ringside on the replay. That was beautiful.

Analysis: ***1/2 It was a very good match that was sloppy in the first half, but it got better as they went on. I don’t know if maybe RVD was winded in the early going, if he was sloppy or if it’s just been too long since Jericho’s worked with him. I don’t want to be picky, though. The conclusion of the match was a lot of fun that the crowd loved and I thought they did an excellent job creating exciting, realistic nearfalls. I’m not surprised that RVD won. Jericho can win thousands of matches and he’ll still be popular with the fans. Since RVD is making his return it makes sense for him to go over in spectacular fashion. Jericho gave him a great match as expected. Any time a match on television gets over 20 minutes I’m going to be a fan of that. Great effort by both men.


This week on Smackdown it’s Miz TV with Paul Heyman as his guest.

There were a lot of wrestlers standing on the entrance ramp awaiting John Cena’s decision for his WWE Championship match at Summerslam. The Brooklyn Brawler is there!

John Cena’s Summerslam Opponent Decision

Cena said he had a tough time deciding who his Summerslam challenger would be. He said he heard people’s opinion, but left out a voice: the WWE Universe. He respected the honesty of the WWE Universe. He needed their help. There was a combination of a “yes” chant and “Daniel Bryan” as well.

Cena said he would say some names of people for his Summerslam opponent. Heath Slater – Boos. Any of 3MB? Boos. “Remember don’t hinder Jinder!” Yes. He mentioned Orton. The crowd wasn’t even in favor of that. He asked about Great Khali. They didn’t like him. Alberto Del Rio was also booed. Cena mentioned Chris Jericho, who got a good reaction. He also mentioned Rob Van Damn, who got a big ovation. Fandango? He got booed although some fans were trying to sing his song. Sheamus didn’t get a positive reaction either. Ryback? He was booed also.

Cena wondered if there was anybody he was forgetting? That led to loud “yes” chants from the crowd. The crowd chanted “Daniel Bryan” as Cena was about to announce his choice. Cena said he respects the beard, but he picked somebody who deserves this match. If he chooses to accept the challenge, Cena selects…Daniel Bryan.

Huge “yes” chants filled the arena as Bryan’s music played and he ran down to the ring. He led the crowd in huge “yes” chants. Raw ended with Bryan standing on the turnbuckle as the crowd chanted “yes” and that was it. Cena just looked on as Raw came to a close.

Analysis: That was fun. It took a while to get the point, but obviously Bryan is the most over guy on the roster and it makes the most sense that he is Cena’s opponent for Summerslam. Sure, WWE may ruin it a bit if they mention that Cena is dating Nikki Bella while Bryan dates Brie Bella and they’re both on that Total Divas show, but I don’t care. I’m just glad that Bryan is in this position. Nobody deserves it more than him.

With Punk vs. Lesnar and Cena vs. Bryan as the top two matches, Summerslam has two potentially outstanding matches already. Bring it on. I’m excited.


Three Stars of the Show

1. Paul Heyman

2. CM Punk

3. Brock Lesnar

The 15 minutes at the top of hour three clearly was the best part of Raw.


The Scoreboard

6.5 out of 10

Last week: 7

2013 Average: 5.77

2013 High: 8 (April 8)

2013 Low: 3.5 (January 28)

Last 5 Weeks: 7, 4.5, 6, 7, 6.5


Final Thoughts

It was a slightly above average Raw. I think the second hour dragged so much that they really could have used a good match in there to help the pacing of the show. Hour one had Orton/Fandango that was a long TV match and then Jericho/RVD got over 20 minutes.

The third hour was really good thanks to the Heyman/Punk promo and Lesnar’s attack on Punk. I’m not sure what more I could say about it. I will likely watch it again so that I can write more about it later in the week. It was a pro wrestling angle at its absolute best.

Then the Jericho/RVD match was a very good TV match. I hope it didn’t seem like I was complaining earlier. I just think it would have been better if they chopped seven minutes of it. Other than parts of the match where it dragged a bit, I really liked it.

It took Cena a while to get to the point at the end of Raw, but when he got there I popped huge and so did the crowd. Daniel Bryan’s the most popular guy in WWE right now. I’m glad he’s getting a WWE Title shot at Summerslam. Yes! Yes! Yes!…Indeed.

The Brooklyn crowd was very good and loud during most of Raw. It’s likely that they’ll get a Raw there every three or four months. I have no problem with that. They deserve it. Great fans.


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