The Miz: “I’m Starting To Get The Respect That I Fought For Since Day One”

Former-WWE Champion The Miz sat down with Sporting News recently. During the interview, The Miz touched on what its like being not only the star of a reality show, but an executive producer as well. The Miz & Mrs. star also addressed finally being taken seriously by those within and without the ring.

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“I think that everyone gets that I work very hard. I think I’m starting to get the respect that I fought for since day one and it took a long, long time. But not only do I feel like the locker room is seeing it but also I’m seeing it from the WWE Universe. I can’t actually believe it because I never thought they would actually respect me.”

Miz also coined the term “hybrid reality,” when discussing the nature of Miz & Mrs.

“With ‘Miz and Mrs.,’ now I’m not only the star but I’m also the executive producer and it’s one of those things where I look at our reality show and I call it a hybrid reality because you get an inside look of what it’s like to be first-time parents in the entertainment industry.”

Miz said that he has to “finagle” his way into a WWE Championship Match, saying no one wants to give him that opportunity.

“You know, I just roll with the punches. Listen, I want a WWE Championship opportunity. The problem is nobody wants to give me that opportunity. I’m not a Daniel Bryan or an AJ Styles or you know, all these other superstars that get opportunity after opportunity after opportunity. So I wait. I finagle. I figure out strategies in order to align myself to basically get to a WWE Championship and that’s exactly what I’m doing right now.”


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Sporting News