The Rock Responds to Former WWE Star, WWE Network Adds Mid-Atlantic Content, Zack Gibson Proclaims Dominance (Video)

WWE has released the above video.

After winning the 2018 WWE United Kingdom Tournament, Zack Gibson declares his greatness to the crowd at the historic United Kingdom arena and to the entire world.

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WWE Network Adds More Mid-Atlantic Content

WWE Network has added the following new Mid-Atlantic Wrestling content:

Mid-Atlantic 08-04-84 – 08/04/1984 (Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium – Spartanburg, SC)

Mid-Atlantic 09-08-84 – 09/08/1984 (Dorton Arena – Raleigh, NC)

Mid-Atlantic 12-01-84 – 12/01/1984 (Pfeiffer College Gym – Misenheimer, NC)

Mid-Atlantic 02-23-85 – 02/23/1985 (Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium – Spartanburg SC)

The Rock Responds to Hurricane Helms

The Rock and former WWE star Hurricane Helms had the following back-and-forth on social media as seen below:

Forever grateful to @TheRock for being such a cool ass dude to work with. We had a blast doing these backstage segments. The only difficult part was to not go too long. We coulda kept the…

— Hurricane Helms (@ShaneHelmsCom) June 27, 2018

Dude always a pleasure working with you. Never an ego and always down to do whatever it took to entertain the fans. And to be honest, I only did “the job and put you over” because you paid me in hamburgers.

— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) June 27, 2018

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