The Rock Topples A Lot Of Cereal Boxes

It is being reported that several days ago, The Rock spearheaded a Guinness World Record-breaking move as he did it for charity.
The record that he has broke is that of “Most Cereal Boxes toppled Domino Style” as he was able to get 3,006 boxes of cereal together thanks to his Seven Bucks Digital Studios. Thanks to his crew, the boxes were lined up domino style, along with a few other add-ins for fun. The best part about this is that all the boxes of cereal were donated to the Los Angeles Midnight Mission to help feed the homeless people in the Los Angles area.

As explained in the video, The Rock is a fan of the Guinness World Records and this was all his idea. To make it official, the boxes need to be publically available and not altered in any way. Of course, the actual brands of the cereal are not shown or said during the video, but some of those boxes do remind me of Trix, so who knows what they ended up using in all. Hopefully, there are some hungry people who wouldn’t mind a little bit of sugary goodness and get a filling meal.

Of course, this begs the question, Where are you gonna get that much milk?