This Is What the First-Ever Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Looked Like, Courtesy of Cindy Crawford

The 2017 Victoria’s Secret Show came and went in Shanghai, China on Monday, but we’re still reeling over the insane runway and after-party photos. Turns out, we aren’t the only ones who are fixated.

Supermodel Cindy Crawford is also celebrating another year of the VS catwalk, only she’s marking the occasion with the ultimate throwback.

Crawford posted the coolest video on Instagram Monday morning of the first-ever Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and it just helps highlight how far the show has come.

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In the video, Crawford introduces a clip of models walking in distinctly vintage lingerie on a thin white catwalk with robes.

As a special bonus twist, the models were asked who Victoria actually is, but predictably, not one of them knew.

Maybe that’s the secret after all. 

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