TNA Bound For Glory Results – October 10, 2010

TNA Bound For Glory Results
From the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach, Florida
Sunday, October 10, 2010
Results by: Sean Hopkins of

We get a video package, highlighting the three men vying for the TNA World Title tonight, as well as random footage of competitors in other matches tonight. It’s actually pretty well put together.

There’s no pyro, but Mike Tenay still welcomes us to the PPV proper anyway. Tenay immediately begins hyping some of the main events, including RVD vs. Abyss. As well as Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle. We open Bound for Glory with the TNA Tag Team Titles Match.

TNA Tag Team Championship Match
– Generation Me vs. The Motor City Machine Guns (c)

Gen Me make their way down to the ring to a bit of heat, not much though. Tenay slips though, and calls them the Bucks, which is pretty cool. The Guns are out next, and the crowd sounds pretty happy to see the champs.

The start

Alex Shelley and Max Buck looks to start things off for their teams. Max backs up Shelley into the corner and immediately works him over with a series of punches and kicks. Shelley comes back with a couple of knife edge chops, an arm drag, and a leg sweep. The Guns take turns hitting Max with a couple of big right hands, before Shelley slams Max head first into Sabin’s feet, and tags in his partner.

Mid-match notes:

Shelley and Sabin do some quick double team work, taking it to Max and Shelley scores a near fall after knocking Jeremy off the ring apron. Jeremy is able to repay Shelley by sweeping his feet out from under him and tagging out to his brother. Max is back in and eats some huge double team maneuvers, sending him to the outside. While talking to his brother, both Buck’s find themselves hit by dual suicide dives from the Guns. Jeremy is sent back into the ring and takes a big crossbody from Shelley that’s good for a two count. Shelley teases Sliced Bread, but Jeremy fights it off.

Jeremy and Max execute a double DDT to Shelley from the top turnbuckle while Sabin is tied up with the ref. Jeremy slaps Shelley, taunting him, but it’s not long before Shelley answers with a slap of his own. Jeremy comes back with an enzugiri, but a pinfall is broken up by Sabin. Gen Me hit a double team dropkick and Max tags in.

The Bucks double team Shelley for a bit, hitting a nice chestbreaker/neckbreaker combo before Jeremy locks in a rear chin lock. It doesn’t take Shelley long to fight it off, but Max hits Shelley from behind, and makes the tag. Jeremy takes Shelley to the top turnbuckle, but Shelley fights him, then Max off. Shelley jumps off with a double foot stomp to Jeremy before making the tag to Sabin. Max tags in and Sabin goes right to work with a series of jumping forearms, big back elbow. Sabin ties up Max in the tree of woe, and Shelley hits the baseball slide before Sabin follows up with a big dropkick. Sabin dives out on Jeremy and hits a springboard dive on Max that’s good for a two count.

Sabin slaps Jeremy and the Guns contine to work their crazy double team magic. Shelley tries to dive to the outside but Jeremy moves and he crashes and burns. Max hits an awesome wheelbarrow move that’s good for a two count on Sabin and the Bucks look frustrated. They try for a double team DDT on Sabin, but Shelley is in to break it up. Shelley and Sabin try for a double team slices bread, but Jeremy tosses Sabin off the top rope and Max smashes Sabin’s face with a top rope dive. Max holds Sabin up in the ropes, and Jeremy hits a big 450 splash, but Shelley breks up the pin. Shelley and Max trade blows, and Shelley hits an STO/DDT combo on the Bucks.

The finish:

Shelley tries for a double foot stomp, but he eats a double team maneuver. Sabin’s back body dropped to the floor. Shelley tries for and misses a standing sliced bread. Crazy double team dives from Gen Me still can’t keep Shelley down for three. Jeremy tags in and it looks like they’re going for More Bang for You Buck. Shelley gets his knees up, and Sabin hits a gigantic release German top rope superplex on Max. Sabin picks up Jeremy and hits a neckbreaker. Shelley hits a cross body, and Shelley pins Jeremy, scoring the three count.

Winners & STILL TNA Tag Team Champions: The Motor City Machine Guns

Christy Hemme is backstage with Madison Rayne and Tara. Rayne calls Hemme a b****, and says that Tara has her back and is the only one who is grateful for her. She also says that Tara is indebted to her for life. Rayne then turns her attention to Mickie James, saying there’s only room for one queen bee in TNA, and that’s Rayne.

Four Corners Match for the TNA Knockout Women’s Championship
Mickie James as special guest referee.
– Angelina Love (c) vs. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne vs. Tara

We get a video package about the history between these four women that led up to this match. Mickie James is the first women out to the ring, as the special guest referee, and she gets a lot of love from the crowd. Tara and Madison Rayne make their way out to the ring together, both riding Tara’s bike. Love and Sky also make their way out together, interesting since this is a four way match.

The start:

Love and Rayne look to start things out in this match. The bell rings and Rayne tags out to Sky. Sky and Love shrug, and then high five. We get a lock up, and Love locks in a side headlock, and scores a quick roll up.

Mid-match notes:

Sky is able to hit a snap mare, and the two actually chain wrestle for a bit before both hit a shoulder block. Rayne tags in and eats a drop toe hold from Love. Madison charges Love in the corner and slams her down to the mat to the back of her head. Rayne and Mickie argue while Rayne chokes Love in the corner. Love is able to come back with a big front slam, but a pin is broken up by Tara.

Tara tags in and gets Love across her back by her hair, hangman’s style. Love is able to tag out to Sky who comes in and hits a big spinning headscissors. Sky locks in a weird type of octopus stretch, but Tara fights out and connects with a big dropkick to Sky’s face. Tara tries to suplex Sky, but Sky is able to reverse it. Sky comes back with a series of flying forearms, a kick to the chest and a bulldog. Sky gets a near all, but Madison scors a knee to the back. Things begin to break down and soon everyone is in the ring. Tara hits an awesome side slam, but eveyone takes down everyone else in turn. It goes till Sky hits a jumping DDT on Rayne, and she’s attacked from behind by Tara.

The finish:

Tara is able to roll up Sky and holds onto the tights, and James counts to three.

Winner & NEW TNA Knockouts Champion: Tara

After the match, Rayne looks angry and Tara looks confused. Rayne shoves down James, and she comes back with a big right hand. James blows a kiss to Tara, and makes her way to the back.

Christy Hemme is backstage with Eric Young, who has some really fake, obviously drawn on tattoos. Young says he cracked the code of OJ. He says Jordan looks at him like a father figure. Young says who cares if he’s bi…polar. Jordan comes in wearing some crazy outfit and holding a lollipop. He and Young exit.

Tag Team Match
– Ink Inc. vs. Eric Young & Orlando Jordan

Ink Inc. are the first team out to the ring to a good bit of love from the crowd. OJ and EY are the next men out to the ring, and they get a bit of a non-reaction, all of which I’m ready to blame on Orlando Jordan.

The start:

Jordan and Neal look to start things out for their teams. EY pulls the ref out of the ring and actualy decides to referee the match for a bit. EY and the ref argue for a bit while Neal and OJ continue to fight. Neal hits a crossbody that’s good for a two before tagging in Moore.

Mid-match notes:

Moore hits a dropkick, good for another two count, before Jordan begins to come back. Jordan tags out to EY who comes in and refuses to fight until OJ exits. EY gives high fives to everyone, Jordan last, and then he catapults Jordan into the ring over the top rope, since that was a tag. Neal and Moore both splash Jordan in he corner, and EY tries to, but Jordan moves and EY is crotches on the top rope. Jordan is put on the rope as well, and Ink Inc. force the ropes up and down with OJ and EY crotched.

Back in the ring, Moore eats a spinebuster from Jordan that’s good for a two count. Neal tries to come in a break it up ad the ref stops him. Jordan tries to get EY to come in, but EY consults the tule book and won’t cheat. Jordan tries to pin Moore with his hands on the ropes and EY kicks it off. Jordan and Moore both go for, and connect with a clothesline. Jordan slaps the rule book out of EY’s hand, and clothesline’s Neal off the apron. Jordan motions for Young to get in, but he just runs to the opposite corner. Moore crawls over and makes the tag to EY. Moore looks confused and he gets knocked to the floor by Jordan. EY comes in and hits a big dropkick and series of clotheslines on Jordan before hitting a huge backdrop.

The finish:

Neal and Moore hit their double team finisher, and Moore pins Jordan, getting the three count.

Winners: Ink Inc.

After the match, EY raises Ink Inc.’s hands, and hugs OJ.

Christy Hemme is standing backstage with Jeff Hardy. Hardy says tonight is a new beginning for him. He and Daytona have a date and it’s Bound for Glory.

TNA X Division Championship Match
– Jay Lethal (c) vs. Douglas Williams

Williams is out first to a decent reaction, followed by Lethal, who comes out to a really nice pop from the crowd.

The start:

The bell rings and we’re ready to kick things off. Williams tries for an arm submission right off the bat, taking Lethal down to the mat. Lethal tries to fight out but Williams puts him right back down. Another attempt to get out, and Lethal is successful, locking in an arm bar in the process. Williams fights to his feet and pushes Lethal into the corner. Williams hits Lethal with a kick to the thigh, before hitting a big clothesline.

Mid-match notes:

Williams ends up being run around by Lethal, who is able to connect with the Lethal combination. Williams rolls to the outside, but Lethal comes right out with a slingshot crossbody, taking Williams out. Back in the ring, Williams is able to lock in a side head lock, kneeing Lethal on the side of the head, and following it up with an awesome big boot clothesline combination. A rear chin lock from Williams continues to wear Lethal down. Lethal gets to hit feet and fights out of it, hitting Williams with a series of rights, and a big flying clothesline. Another clothesline, a drop kick, and huge flying kick from Lethal, followed by a springboard moonsault is good for a two count.

Williams comes up with a huge suplex out of nowhere, and it’s good for a two count. Williams sends LEthal into the corner, follows in with a high knee, and follows it up with a snap suplex. Williams taunts Lethal before hitting a couple of European uppercuts. Williams kicks Lethal in the chest and connects with a beautiful exploder suplex that’s good for a two count.

The finish:

Williams is able to connect with the Chaos Theory, but Lethal is able to kick out at two! Williams argues with Hebner for a bit, before he turns back to Lethal. Williams places Lethal on the top turnbuckle, and he connects with a top rope hurricarana, but Lethal rolls through into a pin, and holds on for three.

Winner & STILL TNA X Division Champion: Jay Lethal

Lethal goes out into the crowd and up into the fans to celebrate his win. Out of nowhere, Lethal is attacked from behind by Robbie E., who has Cookie with him. Robbie rolls Lethal into the ring and hits a running ace crusher, which looks a lot like an RKO. Robbie has a mic, and so does Cookie. Robbie says Lethal is a disgrace to Jersey, and then he puts the X Division Championship on his shoulder. He says after he wins the Championship, he’s bringing it back to Jersey, blinging it out, and he’s going to add some class to it.

Monster’s Ball Match
– Abyss vs. Rob Van Dam

We get a video package detailing the recent history between these two men, that has led up to this (sometime) feud ending matchup. Abyss makes his way out to the ring, to a bit of a mixed reaction from the crowd. He’s got Janice in hand, which is obviously no surprise.

Abyss grabs a mic, and he says the date is upon us. It happens once a century, and it will begin now with the destruction of Rob Van Dam, and will continue with the takeover. Abyss chants ten, ten, ten, and he’s interrupted by RVD.

The start:

RVD and Abyss trade blows immediately with RVD beating on Abyss in the corner with a series of big kicks. RVD chokes Abyss with his feet for a bit before dragging him over to the apron and hitting a big slingshot legdrop over the ropes and across Abyss’ throat. RVD goes to the outside and grabs a chair. He comes back into the ring with a single leg dropkick, and picks up the chair, hitting a low, chair assisted dropkick in the corner.

Mid-match notes:

Abyss rolls to the outside, so Van Dam follows with a dive from the ring apron on top of the monster. RVD grabs a board with barbed wire on it and throws it into the ring. RVD hits a baseball slide into Abyss’ feet, knocking him to the floor, but Abyss pops right back into the ring and delivers a back elbow to put RVD down. Abyss sets the barbed wire board in the middle of the ring, and turns to Van Dam, hitting him with a series of right hands. Abyss teases a chokeslam, but RVD fights it off. Abyss teases a body slam to the board but RVD fights it off and bulldogs Abyss on top of the board. RVD goes for rolling thunder, but Abyss moves and RVD connects with barbed wire.

Abyss reaches under the ring and grabs a table, propping it up between the ring apron and ringside barricade. Abyss then grabs a trash can and uses it to whack RVD on top of the head. Abyss then sets up a barbed wire board in the same fashion as the table he did earlier. Abyss pounds on RVD, and RVD tries to respond, but he can’t quite keep up with the monster. Abyss rolls RVD back into the ring and climbs in after him. RVD catches Abyss on the ring apron with a series of blows, but Abyss head butts Van Dam, and almost suplexes him through the table. Abyss teases a chokeslam, but RVD fights out of it and into the ring. Abyss falls back onto the table, and RVD hits rolling thunder, jumping over the top rope, through the table and Abyss.

Both men climb back into the ring, and Abyss tries to hit RVD with a chair, but RVD ducks it and kicks the chair right into Abyss’ face. RVD picks up the chair, places it on Abyss’ chest, goes to the corner across the ring, but when he gets ready to dive off the top, Abyss tosses the chair in RVD’s face, and Van Dam falls off the top, through the barbed wire board.

Abyss is able to bring Van Dam back into the ring. Abyss sets another barbed wire board up in the corner, and he picks up RVD, but Van Dam fights out of it and pushes Abyss into the barbed wire instead. RVD turns the board around and kicks it into Abyss a couple of times. RVD goes to the opposite corner and hits a coast to coast drop kick, driving the board into Abyss’ face. RVD goes to the top rope, and tries for a five star frog splash, but Abyss rolls out of the ring.

The finish:

Abyss goes over the the announce table, and picks up Janice. He climbs back into the ring, and tries to use Janice to hit RVD, but Van Dam ducks, and throws a chair into Abyss’ face. RVD looks down, and picks up Janice himself. he swings and hits Abyss in the gut. RVD hits a big kick to Abyss’ head. He goes to the top and nails the five star frog splash. RVD covers Abyss and gets the three count.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Abyss looks into the camera and says ‘ten ten ten, get ready because here we come’.

Three-on-Two Handicap Match
– Sting, Kevin Nash & D’Angelo Dinero vs. Samoa Joe & Jeff Jarrett

We get a video package to set the stage, showing the chain of events that have led to this particular match. Pope, Sting and Dinero make their way out all together, to Sting’s music, and they get a pretty good reaction. Jarrett makes his way out next, by himself, and he’s followed by his partner, Samoa Joe. Both men get healthy reactions.

The start:

Joe and Dinero look to start things out for their teams. We get a lock up and Joe and Pope chain wrestle for a bit, both men getting in huge shots, and Pope hitting a great flying shoulder block. Joe responds with a series of short rights and an awesome belly to belly variation. Joe pounds on Pope in the corner, unrelenting. Pope comes back, hitting Joe with lefts and rights, but he eats a high knee when he sends Joe into the ropes.

Mid-match notes:

Pope tags out to Sting, who comes in to lots of love. Sting turns to Jarrett, and Joe responds by hitting Sting with a series of rights. Sting avoids a splash from Joe and retaliates with a Stinger splash. Another attempt from Sting and Joe responds with a vicious urunage.

Sting goes to the outside and Joe follows, hitting Sting with some more rights, and launching him into the barricade. Nash catches Joe from behind with a knee to the back, and Sting connects with a clothesline, taking Joe down. Sting sends Joe chest first into the barricade before heading back into the ring. Sting tags out to Nash, who comes in and hits a series of high knees to Joe’s gut, before following up with a series of elbows to the side of the head. Nash tags right out to Pope, who comes in and hits Joe with a series of boots, and a goofy corner elbow drop. Joe comes back with a couple of chops, but Joe gets 4Up for his troubles and Sting tags in. They try for a double clothesline, but Joe comes back with a double clothesline of his own. Nash is in to stop the tag, hitting a terrible splash in the corner before eating a kick to the face from Joe.

The finish:

Joe almost gets the tag, but Jarrett jumps off the ring apron. Joe looks angry and shocked. When he turns around, all three men are looking at him. Joe tries to take them all on, but all three men beat down Joe at once. Joe still tries to come back, but Nash, Pope and Sting are unrelenting. Nash tags in, and he hit a jackknife powerbomb on Joe. Nash pins Joe, and that’s it for this one.

Winners: Kevin Nash, D’Angelo Dinero and Sting

Christy Hemme is backstage with Mr. Anderson. He apologizes to Angle and his kids, and lots of other people, for being the one to end his career tonight. Anderson says everything was going along swimmingly, until Angle hit him low. Anderson says he won’t end this because he wants to, but because Angle made him, and he has to.

Team 3D is announced and make their way out to the ring to a bit less love than I would have thought, considering how long they’ve been gone from TV. It seems to pick up a bit though.

Brother Ray says he has one question, and asks if the crowd are having a great time, to much applause. Ray calls out the date that he and D-Von promised to each other to become the most decorated team in tag team history, and it’s only because of respectful fans like the one’s in TNA, that they’ve worked all over the world and in almost every single major organization. Ray says there comes a time in a career when you wonder what’s left to do, because they’ve conquered everything in tag team wrestling. Ray says as of this very moment Team 3D is officially retired.

Ray says they have on request. If they’re going out, they want one more match. They want to wrestle the best tag team in the world today, and if you’re the TNA World Tag Team Champs, they’re the best in the world, so they’re talking to the Guns. If they can beat Ray and D-Von, they can write it at the top of their resumes, but if 3D win, they retire 24 time tag team champions. Ray thanks the crowd for always screaming at the top of their lungs. The crowd yells get the tables, and D-Von says ‘Testify’, before 3D salute the crowd, and head to the back.

Lethal Lockdown Match
– EV 2.0 vs. Fourtune

We get a video package highlighting both teams heading into Lethal Lockdown, and pretty much everyone gets at least a little bit of screen time. As always in matches like these, I ask you to bear with me, since these matches can be extremely difficult to follow.

Christy Hemme is backstage with Fourtune. Flair asks if Hemme can smell it, and says there’s excitement in the air. She says the heart and soul of TNA walks the ramp next, EV2 is done, and Mick Foley will have to kiss Flair’s a**. Everyone gets just a bit of mic time, pushing each other aside and blocking each other from view. Flair rants a bit more, and everyone does their weird gang sign for a bit, before we’re finally ready for the match.

EV2 make their way down to the ring all together all at once with Mick Foley in their corner. Sabu points to the top of the cage and asks the referee about something. Flair and Fourtune are out next, Flair wearing a terrible wife beater. Both teams got fairly decent reactions, and it should be interesting to see if the fans favor one team over the other in the actual match. Foley and Flair get right into it with Foley slamming Flair into the cage and clubbing him across the back. They’re pulled apart by their respective teams.

The start:

Stevie Richards and Kaz start things out. Kaz gets the upper hand with a huge right hand and a series of forearms to Richards’ face. Kaz goes to slam Richards face first into the cage, but Richards stops him, hits four big neckbreakers in a row, before slamming Kaz back first into the cage repeatedly. Stevie kicks Kaz in the back, but when he goes for a dropkick, Kaz avoids it and is able to come back with a body slam, and a springboard leg drop.

Mid-match notes:

Kaz goes to the top, and tries for a top rope leg drop, but Richards gets out of the way. Richards hits Kaz with an open hand chop, and imitates Flair, to his displeasure. Stevie kicks Kaz in the chest before scoring with a quick suplex. Richards hits a reverse STO before locking in what looks to be a LeBell lock, but AJ Styles comes in and Richards has to break. Styles connects with a huge dropkick to take Richards off his feet. Styles and Kaz hit a double clothesline before pulling Richards by his arms and standing on his hair. A double team clothesline/backbreaker is pretty awesome and Styles locks in the figure four to follow up.

Kaz pulls on Richards’ arms while Styles continues to hold on with the figure four. When the countdown startes, they break their holds, and Tommy Dreamer makes his way into the mat. Dreamer hits a double clothesline to Styles and Kaz. Dreamer sprays something into Styles’ eyes before chopping Kaz and hitting a great pumphandle suplex on Styles. Richards and Dreamer hit a double team elbow drop side slam on Kaz before Dreamer slams Richards on top of Styles. Dreamer places Kaz on the top rope, and Stevie tries for a superplex, with Styles coming in from the bottom and executing a simultaneous powerbomb. The clock counts down and Robert Roode is the next man in.

Roode comes in as a house of fire and helps turn the tide in his teams favor. Dreamer is busted open and Styles is raking his face across the cage. Flair punches at Dreamer through the camera hole, and Foley looks pretty angry. This is just a plain brawl, as the heels gloat, showing both Richards and Dreamer to their own team. Roode hits a big splash to Richards, as does AJ. We get the countdown again and this time it’s Sabu.

Sabu comes in as a house of fire, taking it to everyone and using Dreamer and Richards as stepping stools for big splashes before hitting Styles with a huge DDT. Sabu locks in a modified camel clutch on Styles, and Dreamer hits a front powerslam on Kaz. Sabu locks in the same hold on Roode and Dreamer has Styles in a crossface. Styles fights out of it, and things are breaking down a bit, and James Storm is the next man in the match.

Beer Money begin their double teaming, hitting a double team suplex on Sabu, and Dreamer. Richards is able to hit the Stevie kick to Roode, but Storm hits Richards with a superkick of his own. Everyone’s just brawling as the clock counts down and Raven makes his way into the ring. As this match has been going, the tide turns when Raven makes his way into the ring and works over everyone, sending Roode face first into the cage before slamming a used handkerchief into his face. Dreamer attacks Styles’ groin in a tree of woe. Roode is split open now. Raven rips away at Kaz’s face. Again, it’s devolved into a regular brawl, as Matt Morgan makes his way in as the last entrant for Fourtune.

Morgan picks Sabu up and powerbombs him into the side of the cage and Sabu is split open now too. Morgan hits rapid fire elbows in the corner on Dreamer before hitting a big boot to Richards. The members of Fourtune are just punching kicking and choking the members of EV2, and Raven is split open now as well. Rhyno makes his way in, and it’s time for Lethal Lockdown to begin.

Rhino hits a big spinebuster and a huge gore to Storm, and the cage roof begins to lower. Flair and Foley finally boils over and they begin brawling on the outside, trading punches and chops. Flair blades pretty obviously, and he’s bleeding too. People are grabbing weapins and hanging from the cage roof, and whacking each other with weapons, and Flair and Foley are fighting, and as always this match is a complete mess.

Raven and Morgan trade Kendo stick and trash can blows, Morgan goes to bicycle kick Richards, but he ends up kicking the cage instead. Kaz is launched out of the cage through the door, and now action is spilling to the outside. Kaz decides to climb to the top of the cage, where there are convenient tables and ladders. Richards follows. Kaz has a ladder set up and he trades blows with Richards. Sabu dives out of the cage through the door on top of Morgan. Richards puts a table in position on top of the cage, but Kaz low blows Richards. Kaz rolls Richards on top of the table.

The finish:

Kaz climbs the ladder, and almost gets to the top, but Bryan Kendrick comes from out of nowhere and attacks Kaz, knocking him off the ladder. Kendrick backdrops Kaz through the table, then begins meditating on top of the cage. in the cage, Dreamer hits Styles in the leg with a chair as he climbs the ropes. Dreamer connects with a top rope Dreamer Driver on top of a chair to Styles, covers AJ, and this one is over.

Winners: EV 2.0

Kurt Angle is backstage with Christy Hemme. He says he’s not in the mood to talk. He says as much as the wants to World Title, he has to, because wrestling is his livelihood, and he guarantees that he walks out of tonight’s event with the belt, and he dedicates it to Hulk Hogan in advance.

Three-Way Match for the TNA Championship
– Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy

We get a video package detailing the long and sometimes complicated road that all three men followed to get to tonight’s match. Taz and Tenay stall for a bit, while the cage is being disassembled.

Jeff Hardy’s music hits first, and he’s the first man to make his way out to the ring for this three way match for the vacant TNA World Championship. Mr. Anderson is the next man out to the ring, and it’s interesting that JB is doing ring introductions while they’re coming out, so that means we won’t be getting any formal ring introductions. They’ve got a pretty weird curtain contraption that lifts before each of the guys comes out.

Anderson calls down a mic. He calls out his A-Holes, then announces himself, as usual. Anderson and Hardy get a little fist bump in before Angle’s music hit, and the Olympic Gold Medalist makes his way down to the ring. It’s worth noting that all three men got a pretty great reaction, and some of the best pops of the night.

The start:

The bell rings, and all three men look at each other. Angle and Hardy attack Anderson right off the bat, beating on him in the corner, before Angle tries for a splash in the corner, and connects with the ring post. Hardy takes Anderson down with a big forearm, but Anderson comes right back with a neckbreaker, but a pin is broken up by Angle.

Mid-match notes:

Angle kicks at Anderson’s legs, before pounding on Anderson’s head for a bit. Angle tries to splash Anderson only to eat a big boot, but he responds with a belly to belly, although the pin is broken up by Hardy. Hardy pounds on Angle in the corner, climbing the ropes and hitting Angle with repeated right hands, only to be stopped with a double ax handle to the back from Anderson.

Angle hits a German suplex on Hardy while Hardy hits one on Anderson for a pretty awesome sight. Angle goes for pins on both men to no avail, so he sinks a big European uppercut into Hardy’s chest, and he charges Hardy, only to be backdropped out to the floor. Anderson takes the opening and kicks and hits an elbow drop on Hardy, but Angle drags Anderson to the outside, where they trade blows and are taken out by Hardy with a big suicide dive.

Angle goes for Hardy’s knee, before hitting a beautiful snap suplex, that’s good for a two count. Angle locks in a rear chin lock, but Hardy fights up to his feet, and out of the hold, following up with clotheslines to Angle, then Anderson. Hardy eats a big super belly to belly suplex, and Anderson hits a standing Green Bay plunge. Hardy hits a mule kick to Anderson before hitting a dropkick to Angle. Hardy calls for a swanton, but misses it, and Angle does something weird, going right into a pin, for two. Anderson places Hardy on the top turnbuckle, and goes for the superplex, but Hardy fights it. Anderson grabs Angle in a powerbomb, and Angle hits a superplex at the same time. Anderson goes for pins on both to no avail.

Angle hits three consecutive German suplexes on Anderson before doing the same freaking thing to Hardy, because he’s a wrestling machine. Angle locks in the ankle lock on Hardy, and when Anderson goes for it, Angle hits Anderson, knocking him down, and locks in an ankle lock on both men, although it looks just a bit goofy. Both men roll through and Angle is launched over them. Angle goes to the top rope, but he’s stopped by Anderson, who tries to get Angle on his shoulders for the Green Bay Plunge from the top, and he connects. Anderson covers Angle, but Hardy breaks it up with a swanton. Hardy covers both men, and both kick out at two.

Hardy tries for the twist of fate, and knocks Anderson off the ring apron to the outside. Angle hits the Angle slam on Hardy and gets a two count for his troubles. Anderson climbs the ropes, and Angle stops him, trying for, and hitting a modified Angle slam from the top. Hardy goes for the pin, but Anderson kicks out at two. Hardy hits the whisper in the wind on Angle, Anderson eats a twist of fate, and Hardy goes to the top rope, hitting a swanton on Anderson. Cover and it’s broken up by Angle, who pulls Hardy off with an ankle lock.

Jeff fights out of the ankle lock and Angle walks into the mic check. Anderson pins Angle and gets a really long two count. We get a couple of roll ups and a double clothesline by Anderson and Hardy. Angle goes to the top and hits a beautiful moonsault, hitting Hardy, but it’s still not enough for a three count. Hardy rolls to the outside. Anderson takes Angle down with a shoulderblock, both men try for their finishers in a quick series but neither is able to connect. Angle goes for a clothesline and the referee eats it. Angle hits a German suplex, and Anderson responds with a mic check.

Eric Bischoff makes his way down to the ring with a chair in hand. He gets into the ring, and holds it up, and Hogan’s music hits. Hogan is in the arena, on crutches, and Eric Bischoff looks shocked. Hogan makes his way down to the ring, and slowly but surely makes his way into the ring. Bischoff tosses the chair out of the ring, but Hogan knows what’s going on. Hogan and Bischoff argue. Bischoff grabs a crutch and he and Hogan square off. Hardy tries to play peacemaker. He grabs the other crutch from Hogan, and turns around and uses it to whack Angle across the back.

The finish:

Bischoff says this is awesome, and hands Hardy the other crutch. Hardy uses it to blast Anderson. Hardy hits the twist of fate, Bischoff drags the ref into place, and Hardy pins Anderson for the three count.

Winner & NEW TNA World Champion: Jeff Hardy

Bischoff announces Hardy as the World Champion. Jarrett and Abyss make their way out to the ring, and the arena begin pelting the ring with trash. Everyone in the ring celebrates. RVD runs out and asks Hardy what he’s doing. Hardy blasts RVD with the belt, and a new faction in TNA has emerged as everyone celebrates with the new champ. – Wrestling News