TNA House Show Results (3/20/08) – Evansville, Indiana

Thanks to reader Brandyn Benter for sending in the following report:

Hi, My name is Brandyn and I just got back from the TNA house show in Evansville Indiana.

First off here are the Results:
Petey Williams Def. Jimmy Rave with Christy Hemme using the Canadian Destroyer… Crowd was very hot all night, but especially for Petey Williams.

LAX Def. Curry Man & Kaz by doing their double move where Hernandez holds the opponent in the air and then Homicide comes off the top rope… cant remember the name or anything, crowd loved Hernandez and there was a lot of comedic elements to
the match, with curry man dancing all over the place. at one point the ref and JB joined in and danced with him.

Awesome Kong Def. ODB to retain the Womens Championship. crowdwas about 2/3s for ODB and the other 3rd was cheering Awesome Kong. I personally have never been huge on Kong, but she impressed me tonight… now consider me a fan.

Booker T Def. Robert Roode w/ Payton Banks
During the match Sharmell came out to cheer on Booker and ended up chasing Payton to the back when she tried to hand Roode the chair

AJ Styles & Tomko Def. The Motor City Machineguns with their double spin move thing. A lot of the crowd Booed the MCM. Big pop for Tomko, and as always AJ got a huge pop too.

Main Event:
Kurt Angle def Christian Cage. Crowd was about half and half on who they were cheering. Match was GREAT! lots of chain wrestling, ending with long chain of finishers and reversals with angle finally getting the ankle lock on Cage and cage tapping out… It was about the 4th time he had the ankle lock.

Other Notes:
Building was probably about 80-90% full. before the show a lot of fans outside were saying it had sold out. they were wrong as I walked in and bought a ticket easily.

Before the door opened there were alot of fans waiting out front in line, when a Limo Pulled up, everyone was trying to figure out what wrestler it was… and after about a 15 minute wait, out stepped two no name people, apparently they had one some
prize cause later when we were in the lobby we saw Christy Hemme leading them from the back and into the lobby.

Biggest Heat:
Rudy (TNA Senior Ref)
Jimmy Rave
Christian Cage
Curry Man (During Match)

Biggest Pop:
Petey Williams
Booker T
Rudy (TNA Senior Ref)

Also at one point they Claimed we were live on Spike TV. I think they were meaning Taped Live… as in they were going to broadcast it… but not sure.

Crowd was Hot all night, mostly due to TNA’s Loudest Fans get backstage deal.

Also Since Rudy was from Evansville, and apparently so was another one of their refs… They each were supposed to make an announcement…. Rudy said that TNA would bee planning a Pay per View in Evansville IN… To which of course the crowd went NUTS!

Then the other guy announced that they would have an autograph session

Also it was Homicides Birthday, JB announced it during the autograph session.

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