Tommy Dreamer Reveals He Turned Down A WWE Contract, Would ECW Have Been A Success Today?

Tommy Dreamer was part of a recent media conference call to promote tonight’s Slammiversary event and he revealed if he has signed a contract with anyone. Below are some highlights with a H/T to for the transcripts.

Has he signed a contract?

“I learned a lot of lessons in my life. Everyone talks about ECW and the greatness that was ECW and it was. But none of us ever knew that Paul Heyman was in bed with WWE the entire time. I had to live with those effects for a long, long time. I would not sign a contract with anyone. WWE asked me to sign a contract when I went back with The Wyatts and they offered me a lot of money to close House Of Hardcore and I refused.”

Would ECW be a success today?

“Honestly, I think we’d be out of business and here’s why. Everything we did in ECW, most of it was illegal. Music, which was such a huge part of ECW we wouldn’t be able to use. If you want to talk about conflicts and drama — I mean we would have riots all the time.

“Now think of the era of the cell phone camera. Now think of we would after shows party with fans. Or have fights in bars. Or think about if stuff went down with the owner not paying people or even writing bad checks — that’s illegal. I said it on the WWE Network, most people want to b*tch about Paul Heyman but most of them chose to stay.

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