Toni Storm Predicts Future Of Women’s Division, Being Tougher Than The Guys, Headlining WrestleMania Next, More

Toni Storm Comments

– WWE NXT star Toni Storm recently participated in a interview with and spoke about a wide variety of topics, check out the highlights below:

On possibly headlining WrestleMania down the road:

It’s strange because I can never figure out time frames in wrestling, because things can be the same for such a long time and then suddenly things change. This could all happen in a year or it could happen in 10 years. Wrestling is so unpredictable, I find. What’s predictable right now is women are going to headline.

On recent success of the women’s division:

Yeah, we’ve always been physically capable, we’ve proven that. We’re all just as determined as the guys, we’re all just as talented. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be half and half. That’s going to happen. We’re going to have women main-eventing WrestleMania. That’s so good for me because that has always been my dream growing up. I was like, “I want to headline WrestleMania”, but I’ve always been like, “but women don’t get that opportunity” and that really made me sad. I was just like, what’s the point, I’ll never get that, and now it’s like a possibility and it’s going to happen. So now there is a possibility that I’m going to live out my dream now, so that’s great.

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On women being tougher than the guys:

Women have done that kind of stuff for years all over the world. You only need to watch the Japanese wrestling to know how brutal it is and see that women can follow the guys. It’s fine — we’re just as brutal sometimes [laughs]. You only need to watch a Meiko Satomura match to know how physical and how brutal it is. Women have been doing that for years and now finally people are going to start seeing how we’re tougher than the guys.

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