Tye Dillinger Apologizes After Fan Re-Posts 2011 Tweet Joking About Rape, Cedric Alexander Deletes Offensive Comments

A Twitter user recently re-posted a 2011 Tweet from WWE star Tye Dillinger, which joked about rape, and contained the following line:

“It’s not rape if they’re sleeping”.

Dillinger has since responded to the old post, saying he has no excuse for his old Tweets and he apologizes for the comment.

so…whered the tye screenshot come from? i just wanna talk.
ive looked up cedrics tweets and found them, tye, i didnt. so i just wanna know who first put out the screenshot, just wanna talk. 🙂

— alli (@princudevitto) July 31, 2018

supposedly pic.twitter.com/bjPXbqYvip

— alli (@princudevitto) July 31, 2018

I have no excuse for my old tweets. I was a different person six years ago, and I’m beyond ashamed at what I considered “humor” . I’m so damn embarrassed and I’m truly sorry to anyone I’ve offended.

— TEN! TEN! TEN! (@WWEDillinger) August 1, 2018

It appears as of WWE Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander was also involved in the 2011 Twitter exchange with Dillinger, as he posted the following comments which have since been deleted from his Twitter account:

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