UFC News: Dana White Says Rampage Will Be Gone For a While & New Details

Source: Sports.Yahoo.com

Yahoo! Sports sat down with UFC president Dana White last weekend for an update on Rampage Jackson’s condition. There’s still much that is unknown and doctors are far from an official diagnosis. White told Yahoo! Sports that Jackson was initially going to stay in care for 72 hours but that has now been extended:

“I think it’s going to be a while before we get him back. I’m talking as a friend. It’s a sensitive issue. Rampage, the UFC fighter, who cares about that. We’re concerned about Rampage, the human being. What matters is his personal life.”

White also talked about some strange circumstances that led up to Jackson’s episode Tuesday:

“He was up for four days and he was doing some crazy fasting thing. He was up for four days, drinking water and energy drinks, that was it. It’s not good.

White said he knew that as soon as he arrived in Southern California on Tuesday night that something was seriously wrong with Jackson:

“Rampage doesn’t do drugs. Rampage really doesn’t even drink. This whole thing made no sense to me. (Then) when I got there it made a lot of sense.”

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