Ultimate Warrior Return Recap – Wins NWE Title, Then Vacates It

Thanks to reader LT for these live results from last night’s Nu Wrestling Evolution show at the Pavello Olimpoico of Badalona in Spain. Over 14,000 fans (many of them children) showed up to see the show, headlined by the Ultimate Warrior’s return to the ring. Here’s a rundown of the results, including a full description of Warrior’s match:

— Mini Dragon defeated Spade O

— Ultimo Dragon defeated Dark Dragon, who unmasked to reveal he was Ultimo Dragon’s brother

— Black Pearl and Kishi defeated John Heidenreich and Chris Mordesky

— Vito defeated Sarah Jones

— Vampire Warrior defeated Raven

— Juventud Guerrera retained the NWE Cruiserweight title over Spartan 3.000 B.C

— And now we are arrived at the main event of the evening, as to say the event that Ultimate Warrior’s fans have waited for the last ten years: the return of their champion on the ring. On the arena screen the Madrid show footage was played, with the challenge by Warrior to Orlando Jordan and the consequent preparations that the two wrestlers have done for the match. Warrior, as family man, is dedicated to very hard training, surrounded by his family. Orlando, as man without values and dedicated to vices, trained surrounded by many women and champagne. The first to enter in the arena is Jordan , accompanied by his main lady Regina , under a stream of gold confetti that covers the venue. Then the entrance music played and here we had the mythical Warrior’s run to the ring. With short and grayish hair, he returned to the ring with a long and colored jacket and the unmistakable mask on his face, colored this time of red and white. He shook the ropes and behind him was an incredible display of pyro. They had strong and technical match, with big moves from Warrior, who even jumped on the ring post and launched himself on Jordan from the third rope with a big splash. After more than fifteen minutes, Warrior pinned Jordan to win the NWE heavyweight title. But then he took the microphone and declared that he wants to make the title vacant. The belt will be put up for grabs in a big tournament.