Update On Nash In Charge Of RAW, Knocked Out Ref Speaks, WrestleFest DLC

– WWE Scott Armstrong tweeted the following after getting knocked out by the Big Show at No Way Out:

“#WWE Doctors say I’m not cleared for #Raw tonight…slight headache today and they’re not gonna take a chance. BigShow has a GOOD punch!”

– WWE has released a new DLC pack for the WrestleFest on iOS game. The “Rowdy Pack” includes WWE legends Roddy Piper & “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, as well as Kane, Sin Cara, Cody Rhodes and the classic SmackDown arena.

– After John Laurinaitis was fired by Vince McMahon at No Way Out, Kevin Nash joked on Twitter that he’ll now be in charge of RAW. Nash received a lot of feedback from fans when he was nowhere to be seen on RAW. He then tweeted:

“My bad. thought I was gonna run Raw tonight. Reread the email and it said ‘hope you go raw dog tonight’. Great night for me anyway! As I’ve said in the past, social media is bullshit. it’s MY ps3. Thanks for playing along tonight. I’ll always be relevant due to my IQ.”

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