Update On Shawn Michaels & Chris Jericho's WWE Status

Source: PWTorch.com

With the recent suspensions and injuries of several top WWE wrestlers, the company is in need of more star power. Two names that WWE is hoping to bring back this fall are Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho. However, neither man has officially agreed to a return date.

Shawn Michaels underwent knee surgery on May 23rd and was originally expected to return by the end of summer. Those plans are currently on hold – as Shawn Michaels has informed WWE that he is in no rush to return. He is considering taking an extended break from the road and then returning at a later time with a lighter schedule. WWE is in a completely different place than it was when Michaels was injured – with the Benoit family tragedy and the Congressional investigation.

WWE continues to have interest in a Chris Jericho return. It is unclear how close the two parties are to striking a deal, but there is ongoing contact.

Both Michaels and Jericho would be tremendous assets to the company at this point. They are 2 of the best workers in the world. More importantly – they have “athletic” body types (not Batista or Lashley bodybuilder bodies) and live relatively “clean” lifestyles compared to the rest of the roster.

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