Video: Daniel Bryan Explains Why His "Dream Match" Would Be Against Lesnar

SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan was the guest on Michael Cole’s weekly sit-down interview for

Now that he has a little bit of experience under his belt in his new authority-figure role with the blue brand, the WWE performer was asked by Cole to evaluate his performance in his role as the GM of the blue brand.

“I’m always hard on myself,” said Bryan, before revealing that he would give himself a “C” if he were to grade his first weeks on the job. He noted that he’s the type of guy who looks back on things after they happen, so he always finds something he would have done different.

As the interview continued, the conversation moved on to cover the finish of the Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton “15 Years in the Making” match at last Sunday’s WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view.

“I mean, Shane [McMahon] ran out there and whenever you get to the ring, you’ve gotta expect whatever’s gonna happen,” said Bryan of the F-5 that Lesnar delivered to the SmackDown Live Commissioner.

“I wish I was cleared, because I would have loved to run out there,” Bryan said. “I mean, my dream match was always against Brock Lesnar.”

Cole, fighting back laughter, asked Bryan why his dream match would be against Lesnar, insinuating that most people don’t look forward to stepping into the squared circle with “The Beast Incarnate.”

“So, I think one of the things that appeal to me about the fans was that I’ve always been an underdog,” Bryan said of the passionate connection he shared with the WWE Universe during his active in-ring days. “And what bigger underdog match is there than Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel Bryan? That’s like David vs. Goliath.”

Bryan added, “I also think he’s never wrestled or fought anybody like me before. Especially [because] I was working on this new style before they told me I couldn’t wrestle anymore. It’s really unlike anything else, like, just the way that I move. I don’t really think Brock would know how to handle it.”

The SD! Live GM continued to share his thoughts on a hypothetical bout against the UFC crossover athlete, sharing his belief that Lesnar is a “bully who has never had to fight from underneath.” He said that will only get you so far, claiming that heart goes farther than toughness.

Check out Michael Cole’s complete sit-down interview with SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan below.

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