Video Of CM Punk's Panel From Saturday's Ohio Comic-Con

– Here are some more highlights from this past weekend’s panel with WWE Champion CM Punk at Ohio Comic-Con, including a video of the full panel:

* Punk was asked if he’ll be feuding with Ryback int he near future. Punk asked the audience if they wanted to see the match, which received a mixed reaction. Punk said, “I’m up for the challenge.”

* Punk says he has no interest in trying to end the Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak. His biggest goal right now is to legitimately headline WrestleMania, but he doesn’t know if that will ever happen.

* Punk teased that Colt Cabana could be working with WWE in the near future.

* Punk had good things to say about working with Jeff Hardy back in 2009, calling him “pretty cool” and saying he was very easy going, laid back and “down for anything.”

* When asked about when the new WWE Championship belt design will debut, Punk said that he had no idea, but that “they’re working on it.” A fan asked if Punk has any input on the new belt, to which he replied, “I’d like to say that I have a little bit of say in that, but I just keep getting the runaround. I don’t know if they’re saving the new design for somebody else or what the deal is. But they’re sick of me asking about it, I know that.”

Here’s the video:

* Pictures Of The New WWE Championship Belt Design