Video Of The DX Reunion From Tuesday's SmackDown Taping

Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown tapings from Dallas, TX featured a DX reunion. Although Shawn Michaels’ return to a WWE ring will not be broadcast on Friday’s SmackDown – but we’ve got footage of the reunion here.

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HBK wrote the following on Twitter regarding the DX reunion:

“I’ve lost my voice. I can no longer yell for a promo & not lose my voice. The ol’ yelling vocal cords are out of practice:-)”

“Was great to see everybody at WWE & of course a big thank you to the folks of Dallas.”

“As I’ve said before. I will not be on Smackdown. It was just DX doing their silly stuff for the live audience which requires screaming.”

Here’s the footage, featuring DX talking about a future WrestleMania coming to Dallas (we’ve heard WM29 in 2013) and a surprise appearance from one of DX’s biggest rivals:

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