Video: Ryback On Talk He Had With Vince, His New Post-WWE Ring Name

As noted, WWE recently confirmed the departure of Ryback (Ryan Reeves) on their official website. The now former WWE Superstar took part in a live Periscope Q&A with fans where among other topics, he spoke about a lengthy conversation he had with Vince McMahon regarding one particular issue that the two disagreed on.

Ryback, who noted via social media recently that he is accepting independent bookings and will be using the name “The Big Guy,” claimed that he will be going back to his old in-ring attire, which featured him in a colorful singlet instead of the generic black wrestling tights that he eventually switched to on WWE television.

As “The Big Guy” explained, the only reason he switched to the trunks in the first place was because Vince McMahon asked him to. When he questioned Vince’s reason for wanting the change, he noted that Vince told him it was because “we’re all meatheads.”

Ryback would go on to elaborate, talking about a 20-minute conversation he would go on to have with Vince about the trunks issue, which included other issues as well. He said he left the conversation under the belief that he had successfully convinced the WWE Chairman to keep the singlet over the trunks, but noted that his booking ended up getting worse soon after. “So, I guess I didn’t win that argument.”

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