Viewership Down For Monday's Raw, New Addition To SmackDown Roster, Rock

— In early viewership numbers for Monday’s Raw SuperShow, the program averaged 4.12 million viewers over the course of two hours. Last week’s show averaged 4.62 million viewers, resulting in a 3.25 cable rating. The prior week’s show garnered 5.22 million viewers with a 3.55 cable rating.

In a positive note, WWE reversed the long-standing trend of viewership sinking during the second hour. Monday’s show averaged 4.305 million viewers in the second hour compared to 3.932 million in the first.

— has added Hunico’s low-rider bicycle rolling partner in crime Camacho to the SmackDown roster page. The son of former WWE star Haku debuted on the December 15, 2011 episode of WWE Superstars.

— Today marks the one-year anniversary of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s return to WWE and arrival on Twitter. Johnson, who has garnered over two million followers, writes of micro-blogging site, “A year ago today – 2/14/11. I joined Twitter. Inspiring & Relentless: #TeamBringItMillionsStrong.”

Photo of The Undertaker with no hair