Wardrobe Malfunction Takes Place On Last Night's ECW, Where's Mickie James?

— Enhancement worker Rory Fargo suffered a wardrobe malfunction during last night’s edition of ECW as his genitals were exposed towards the conclusion of his squash match loss to Zack Ryder. Apparently, Ryder yanked Fargo’s trunks down while shoving him into the corner turnbuckle to set up his finisher. Considering ECW was pre-taped earlier in the evening, WWE’s production staff were able to switch the camera angle in time for the broadcast on Syfy. With that being said, candid photos of said incident have surfaced online.

— It would appear that WWE Divas Champion Mickie James headed home mid-tour as she did not appear at Sunday’s Raw brand live show in Madison, Wisconsin after competing the two previous nights in St. Paul, Minnesota and Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She was also not used during Monday’s Raw taping in Chicago.

— Speaking of Mickie James, she is today’s “Daily Diva” on WWE.com. Also, Evan Bourne is the “Superstar of the Day.”

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