Water Scarcity Kills Another Leopard In Gurgaon

The water crises has affected the entire world.

While humans require clean water, the animals make do with whatever source of water is available. However, they have limited resources and with increase in deforestation and other human activities, these limited resources are also getting depleted. In Gurgaon, a one-year-old female leopard had to fight to death for water.


The leopard was found dead on Tuesday morning at the Aravalli hills in Gurgaon with wildlife officers suspecting that a territorial fight with another such big cat in the parched region led to the casualty. “The leopard was found dead just 10 feet away from a natural water body near a temple in Gairatpur Bas village. The big cat sustained injuries in the lower part of the neck and on top of the head. The wounds are similar to those caused by canine teeth and resemble the attack of a leopard it grabs the neck of the other animal till it dies. Besides, its front legs and area around the neck also have injuries,” said Shyam Sundar Kaushik, divisional forest officer (DFO), Gurgaon Range.Click Here: Golf special

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