What You Didn't See After Raw Went Off The Air (Dark Match & More)

Thanks to reader Chris Gabbard for sending in this live report of what happened after Raw went off the air:

After RAW:

– Orton and Legacy went up the ramp and Orton, with his back to the crowd, held the WWE Title up with both hands to the fans to see.

-Triple H got on the mic and did a similar promo to the one that he did when Ted and Cody beat him in a Handicap Match, where he didn’t envision that being the way things went down. Triple H challenged Legacy to come back for a 6 man Tag.

Dark Match Main Event:

Degeneration X & John Cena ( & Dusty Rhodes) def. Legacy- During the match Dusty was sitting on the ring steps of DX/Cena’s corner. Crowd was very into this match. Shawn was the guy that got beat down while Legacy exchanged tags in and out. Orton got tagged in and Dusty Rhodes tagged in and gave Orton a Bionic Elbow, which knocked him down. Cody tried to hit his Dad but he got taken out, along with DiBiase. This left Dusty Rhodes, Triple H, Shawn Michaels and John Cena in the ring and Orton in corner with the “ I’m screwed” look on his face. He received another Bionic Elbow from The American Dream. Shawn Michaels hit Sweet Chin Music. Triple H hit the Pedigree and then Cena applied the STF and Orton hung on for a couple seconds finally tapped out. Crowd was very into the 6 man Tag and loved that Dusty Rhodes got involved in the match.

Post Match DX Stuff:

DX, Cena, Dusty Rhodes DX Stuff Promo – I tried it keep up with it, it might not be word for word some is and some is paraphrasing.

DX, John Cena and Dusty Rhodes are in the ring and Shawn says every time he comes out to help Cena it doesn’t work out well and while he can accept getting beat up for 20 years, he was upset that they didn’t get to do their DX stuff earlier and he wasn’t going to let the fans leave without them doing it. Michaels makes a joke that he got beat up for 10 minutes and has the ability to run around in circles because he is such a great athlete. Dusty Rhodes gets on the mic and asks “Are You Ready?” then Triple H gets on the mic and said “No, the American Dream said ARE YOU READY?” Triple H then gets John Cena and Dusty Rhodes in form to do the DX line together.

Triple H goes to do his usual lines and we get to the point where the millions around the world part and Shawn starts waving his arms to get Hunter’s attention saying this isn’t on TV. Triple H asks some fan which he made a joke by saying to a fan “Hey Arn Anderson Brother, What time is it” It’s 11:20pm. Then Shawn getting beat up was on TV and then Hunter is like so us rebounding and running Legacy off isn’t? Shawn said no and Triple H went into saying he didn’t know because he pointed out the red lights on the camera side and said it was confusing whether they were on TV or not.

So Triple H says for the thousands in attendance and the millions not watching this at home and for the American Dream… Let’s get ready to Suck It. Dusty says and if your not down with that we got two words for ya, Suck It. John Cena, Dusty Rhodes and DX do the chop to the DX fireworks and that is about it. Hunter hugs Dusty and they starts slapping peoples hands, Cena walks up the ramp and exits.

Most fans stayed after RAW went off the air as the crowd was still pretty packed. I enjoyed most the show and had a good time.

** Picture of Christopher Daniels & Shane Helms Drinking Before Daniels’ DUI