What You Didn't See On PPV At No Way Out

Reader Ryan Gray was in attendance at last night’s WWE No Way Out PPV in Las Vegas. He passed along the following off-air notes:

– The Wrestlemania Fan Axxess Tour was set up outside the arena. Tommy Dreamer, Justin Roberts, and Hillbilly Jim were outside to meet & greet with fans.

– It was very unorganized and hard to get in for most fans. Most fans were still trying to get to their seats up until the PPV went on-air.

– Kane defeated Shelton Benjamin via The Chokeslam in the pre-show dark match.

– A package for the WWE 24/7 service aired before the show.

– Lillian Garcia came out to a good pop to sing the National Anthem.

– Plenty of “Cena Sucks” chants prior to the show.

– After the PPV went off the air, Triple H helped Jeff Hardy up and raised his arm. They played Hardy’s theme song as he exited. After Hardy exited, Triple H returned to the ring to his theme and celebrated.

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