Who Was in Charge of Evolution? Changes Made to Takeover & Axxess

This past Sunday night saw WWE host their first-ever all-women’s pay-per-view. Evolution proved to be a hit with several fans praising the show and the matches featured on the card. Evolution featured the finals of the Mae Young Classic tournament, three fantastic title matches, and more matches featuring the best female competitors throughout WWE’s history. Between the opening concert, unique display of athleticism, and overall presentation of the event, some fans have assumed that Evolution’s production was likely overseen by Triple H given that the show resembled an NXT Takeover event more so than a typical WWE pay-per-view, however, it appears that “The Game” was not responsible for Evolution after all.
According to a report from Pro Wrestling Sheet, Triple H was not in charge during the Evolution event a few a days ago. Instead, it was none other than WWE Chairman Vince McMahon who ran the show and made all of the final decisions. PWInsider also notes that the different stage and ringside area which was present for the event was due to the fact that the company was simply not able to execute a full stage setup in Long Island before doing so again in North Carolina for Raw the following night. Vince McMahon is said to be less involved in running some WWE shows these days, and it was even recently reported that McMahon is barely available for SmackDown shows anymore. However, Vince was indeed responsible for the widely-praised Evolution event from earlier in the week.
It is getting closer to the official on-sale date for WrestleMania tickets. WWE will return to the New York/New Jersey area for WrestleMania in April of 2019, and the usual Raw, SmackDown, NXT Takeover, Hall of Fame, and Fan Axxess events will be coming as well, but it appears that the company has made a few changes to some of those festivities. The WrestleMania Travel Package shows that NXT Takeover will simply be known as NXT Takeover: New York, rather than the originally titled NXT Takeover: Brooklyn V. Those same travel packages now show that, in addition to the previously announced Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning schedule, Fan Axxess will be taking place on a Monday for the first time ever on April 8th. The expo will be open during the day before Raw goes on the air later that night.