Why John Cena Wasn't At RAW, Backstage Resentment Towards The Rock

Conspicuously absent from Monday’s WWE RAW were WrestleMania 29 main event challengers The Rock and John Cena. While The Rock had a previous commitment to be overseas in South Korea promoting his new “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” film, WWE officials made the decision to also keep John Cena off the show, feeling that his presence would bring more attention to the WWE Champion not being there.

Instead of John Cena coming out and cutting a promo that The Rock could not respond to in person, the decision was made to air a video package hyping their match.

Even through The Rock is doing everything he can to appear at as many WWE TV shows as possible, there are people in the locker room who are not happy that the WWE Champion will be missing 2 of the 4 final RW shows before WrestleMania. There has been resentment that a “part time” wrestler is WWE Champion and is taking one of the top spots at the company’s biggest show of the year. Him not being there to fully promote the even is not helping matters.

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(Source: PWInsider)