Woman Who Kissed The Great Khali, A Cena Sighting, Carlito Speaks, MVP-Wellness

source: PWInsider.com

— WWE.com has an exclusive video of Tazz interviewing the woman who kissed The Great Khali on last night’s edition of SmackDown. “Spokane’s Finest” is married and her husband was in the crowd, who didn’t seem to mind that she kissed Khali. You can see the video at the following link.

— CBS9.com has a story on SmackDown star Carlito. He talks about his father Carlos Colon, Vince McMahon, and teaming with his brother Eddie Colon. “If you work hard dreams can come true,” Carlito said. “Don’t expect to be as good as Carlito ’cause that’s shooting too high. But at least aspire to be like Carlito.” You can see the video piece at the following link.

— Some evening news broadcasts following SmackDown on MyNetworkTV featured a story on MVP talking about how he discovered his heart condition through WWE’s Wellness Policy cardio testing. MVP noted that he could have died had the heart condition not been discovered.

Perth Now has an article on John Cena hosting the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards in Australia. The article features a number of quotes from Cena talking about bodybuilding, entering the wrestling business, what he wanted to be when he grew up, which wrestler he looked up to, and more. {WWE champion John Cena to host Nickelodeon awards}

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