Writer Pushing To Keep Umaga, Raw Taping Changed To House Show, Mad Vince

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— There have been some rumblings about Umaga switching brands to go to SmackDown. Head Raw writer Brian Gewirtz is pushing hard to keep him. At one point, there was a plan for Umaga to go to SmackDown to feud with Undertaker.

— WWE was planning on holding a live Raw taping on Monday, June 16 at the E-Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, but due to a scheduling conflict, the event has been changed to a house show on Saturday, June 14. To see WWE’s message concerning the change, click here. WWE’s offering full refunds to anyone who is not able to attend the show.

— Vince McMahon was said to be furious over how the Roddy Piper & Santino Marella segment came off on Raw last week. No word yet on why McMahon was so upset with the segment. Bruce “Brother Love” Prichard produced the segment and got an earful from McMahon as a result.

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