WWE '205 Live' Results (3/21/17) – Neville vs. Mustafa Ali

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Report by: Andrew Hatcher, rajah.com reporter (andrewhatcher45@gmail.com)

Hello again 205 Live fans, and welcome back to Drew’s Reviews! On last weeks show, Austin Aries won a fatal 5 way elimination match to become the new number one contender to the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. That match will take place at Wrestlemania 33, and will no doubt be one of the top matches on the card. There were also some interesting words from Drew Gulak , when Gulak stated that he doesn’t need to change, but 205 Live does. What did he mean by that? Will he bring the change? Find out right here on Drew’s Reviews!

The Raw Rebound

TJ Perkins vs The Brian Kendrick

No handshake before the match. The bell rang, and Perkins went on the attack with a quick kick. Perkins knocked Kendrick to the outside and started to jump on to Kendrick, but Kendrick rolled out of the way, and walked to another side of the ring. Perkins met Kendrick with a diving move from inside the ring out on to the floor. Back in the ring, Perkins went to the top rope with a crossbody into a pin for a quick 2. Perkins set up for the detnation kick, but Kendrick fought out of it, causing TJP to run into the referee near the corner of the ring. The Brian Kendrick then hit sliced bread number 2 on Perkins for the win. After the match, The Brian Kendrick wanted to know where Tozawa is. Kendrick said he’s a sitting duck waiting to get attacked after teaching Tozawa lessons, but Tozawa isn’t even in the country right now. Kendrick said that’s because Tozawa doesn’t have his passport, and he(Kendrick) found it last week. Kendrick finished by saying lesson number 7 is to be careful about what you leave on the ground.

Analysis: Well that was quick. There is a lot of other things going on on Raw tonight with this being one of the last few episodes of raw before Wrestlemania. Of course that doesn’t matter since the cruiserweights usually don’t get much time on Raw. But that’s not what this is about. It was a cheap win by Kendrick, and he looked like a true heel by calling out Tozawa, all the while knowing Tozawa wasn’t even there.

Austin Aries vs Tony Nese

Nese went to work on Aries in the corner of the ring to start the match. Nese continued to work on Aries, before Aries boxed the ears of Nese, and caught him with a left hand. Nese started fighting back, and caught Aries with a quick pin for a 2 count. Nese started to heat up, and hit a leg drop for another quick pin attempt. Nese stayed in control, but a brief moment of hesitation caused him to get dumped to the outside by Aries. Aries hit a suicide dive on Nese, and the match went to commercial break. Back from the break, Nese is in control of Aries with a torture rack submission hold. Aries fought out and caught Nese with a roll up for a 2 count. Nese regained the upperhand and went for a top rope move, but crashed and burned. Aries then hit a reverse neckbreaker on Nese, and started to go to work on Nese. Aries hit a face buster/STO combo, followed by a pendulum elbow. Aries then delivered a missile dropkick, and a discuss forearm for the 1-2-3. After the match, Neville came out to the stage. Aries cut him off, and said he didn’t know he had an interview with Neville. Neville said he could come obliterate Aries, but Aries is beneath him. Aries said this is the worst interview segment he has ever done on Raw, and that what he sees is “a man who knows he has to step in the ring with a man who he knows is above his level”. Aries mocked Neville, and said that after Wrestlemania its all over for Neville, and his reign as WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

Analysis: Hey that segment got like 10 minutes! The match was actually pretty entertaining, and I could definitely watch more matches between these two guys. Nese looked pretty good until he got to full of himself, and took a moment to flex outside of the ring. He then got into the ring and landed on his face when he tried a move off of the rope. That would be the biggest mistake of the match for Nese, as Aries took over and won the match just as he should have. After the match, Aries looked confident and defiant towards the “King Of The Cruiserweights”, and he may just be right about coming away with the title at Mania.

And Now… 205 Live!

205 live starts with a video package recapping last weeks 205 Live main event. Austin Aries would go on to pick up the win that night in a fatal 5 way elimination match for the right to challenge Neville at Wrestlemania 33. After that, Neville is shown backstage for an interview. He said when Mustafa ali interrupted him last week, it was a fatal mistake. He said everyone needs a reminder that he is the king, and tonights match will serve as that reminder. He said Aries need to realize that on 205 live “he is the master”, and at wrestlemania he will bend the knee and, “pay homage to the king”. The opening video package aired, and the pyro went off to officially start the show. Tom Phillips welcomed us to the show, alongside Corey Graves. No mauro Ranallo. They talked about the upcoming Wrestlemania message for Neville from Austin Aries, as well as the main event between Neville and Mustafa Ali. TJ Perkins made his way out next, and we have our first match of the night.

TJ Perkins vs Tony Nese

This matchup is taking place because Nese attacked TJP after Nese was eliminated during the fatal 5 way match. No pre match handshake. The two tied up in the center of the ring, and Nese powered out, then flexed. They tied up again, and Nese drove TJP into the mat twice, and continued to ground Perkins. Nese went for a third, but TJP started to gain momentum with a drop kick, as well as an arm takedown. Perkins stayed in control, and took down Nese with headscissors that sent him to the outside. Perkins then jumped on to Nese from inside the ring with some sort of 360 move. Back in the ring, Perkins applied a submission move to the shoulder of Nese. This led to a brief pin attempt, and Perkins went right back into the move. Nese worked his way out, then delivered a knee to the gut of Perkins, and took control of things. Nese went for a quick pin, and then whipped Perkins hard into the turnbuckle. Nese then flexed, and tried another pin. Perkins kicked out, but Nese wrapped up Perkins ribs with his massive legs. TJP started to fight out, but got chopped down by Nese for a nearfall. Nese stayed in control of things, and started to nearly twist Perkins head off of his shoulders. Nese held onto Perkins, and then drilled Perkins with a knee to the spine. Perkins started to fight out, and once again got whipped hard into the corner for a near fall. Nese started to feel himself, and set up for a move, but got caught with a few boots to the face, and a neckbreaker. Both guys were down for a while, but then they got up. Perkins really started heating up with some elbows, and a crossbody. That was followed by a running bulldog for a near fall. Nese went to the outside, but Perkins tried to bring him back in. Nese then caused Perkins to get caught up in the ropes, and set up for a moonsault on the top rope. Nese hit the move for a near fall, but Perkins was hurting. Nese set up for the suplex in the corner, but Perkins fought out, and caught Nese on the jaw wiih a kick. Perkins then set up for a top rope move, but Nese caught him. Nese started to hit a running Nese, but Perkins caught him and treid for a detonation kick. Perkins then wrapped Nese in an arm bar, but Nese powered out. Perkins then hit a gutbuster on Nese for the 1-2-NO!! Perkins hit a drop kick to the temple of Nese, and set up for a top rope move. Perkins missed, but went for a detonation kick attempt. Nese fought out, and hit Perkins with a suplex in the corner. Nese then hit the Running Nese on Perkins for the 1-2-3.

Analysis: Whoa! What a hot start to the show! I really had no idea who would win the match until it ended, and that’s something we can all be happy about since that doesn’t always happen. Both guys got in a good amount of offense, as well as traded near falls, and that always helps a match’s quality. I really like how Nese is performing lately. The guy really looks comfortable doing what he’s doing. As for TJP, this loss wont hurt him too much.

After that match, Drew Gulak was interviewed backstage. He was asked about his comments last week. He said he was mad when he said it, but 205 live does need to change. He said the people of the WWE Universe are to blame. Gulak said the athletes act like glorified stuntment, and the WWE universe will be responsible for a broken 205 live. He ended by saying he has the solution, and the segment ended.

Analysis: Sooo hes going to fix it how? Take all the fun out of stuff, and just beat people up? That could work!

After a commercial break, Akira Tozawa made his way out for a match. A replayed aired from last nights Raw, where Kendrick gave Tozawa lesson number 7.

Analysis: Kendrick mentioned Tozawa being out of the country last night, with no passport. 24 hours later Tozawa is in the ring against a local talent… Let that sink in.

Akira Tozawa vs local talent

The bell rang, and Tozawa immediately hit a snap suplex for the 1-2-3, as Corey Graves noted that had to be a record of some sorts.

Analysis: That was definitely the shortest match in the history of 205 Live!

After the match, Tozawa called out Kendrick. He said come fight me, and said if you wont come to me, ill go to you. Tozawa then got attacked by a security guard. The security guard would reveal himself to be The Brian Kendrick. Kendrick then hit Sliced Bread #2 on the outside off of the apron, and said under his guidance Tozawa could have been special. He said lesson 8 is appearances can be deceiving.

Analysis: Man Tozawa is really going to have to start writing this stuff down soon. Kendrick got him yet again, as Kendrick continues to have possibly his best run in WWE. The whole set up was a little predictable, but, the face guys are dumb.

Next up, a backstage segment that featured Jack Gallagher, Rich Swann, Noam Dar, and Ariya Daivari. Gallagher was teaching Swann something all gentleman like, and Dar interrupted them with Daivari behind him. Dar asked if any of them knew about this lingerie. Swann said what Dar does on his own time is his business. Daivari said that’s funny coming from someone who thinks thriller is still cool. Gallagher questioned if that’s what a hater looks like. Dar said he found a guy bringing a gift to Alicia Fox, and that has to stop. Dar said their relationship is strong, and better than gifts. Dar said he was trying to sort things out in a friendly manner, but next week on 205 Live he and Swann are gunna have a match. Swann warned Dar, saying “you cant handle this”, and Dar walked off as Gallagher started to teach Swann some things again to end the segment.

Analysis: That was a comedy segment, and given all of the small things involved, it was actually kind of funny. I chuckled a bit when Swann implied that Dar wears lingerie in his home life, and I about lost it when Gallagher asked Swann “is this what one of those haters we spoke of earlier looks like?”. Maybe I’m the only one who thought it was funny. Maybe you should lighten up. Moving on!

Up next, Austin Aries made his way to the ring with a banana peel, and gave it to some kids. The announcers spoke about the upcoming match, and Aries started off by saying that last nights interview went poorly with Neville, and he wants to try again. He said he is going to eliminate Neville from the interview, and interview himself. He asked himself why Neville keeps calling himself king. Aries replied by saying some people say he is trying to make up for deficiencies, and Aries is one of them. Question 2. What makes you think you’re on Nevilles level. He said he doesn’t think hes on that level, hes on the AA level. Aries skipped the next question, and then asked what the most embarrassing thing he has discovered about Neville is. Neville interrupted, and walked out to the ring. Aries tried to send him back, but offered to let him tell the story. Neville said he has a story about a guy who talked his way into an early grave. Aries said that sounds improbable, and that no one likes Neville. The crowd chanted debby downer at Neville. Neville said Aries should quit while hes ahead, and he is going to show Mustafa Ali what happens when you disrespect the king. Aries told Neville he should try yoga, and Aries doesn’t think hes talked to much, because hes on commentary for the main event.

Analysis: Aries might be the most heel acting good guy ever. He gave kids a banana peel! He followed that up by interviewing himself. I like Aries a lot, but I just wanted to point out that even though the reaction to the character has changed, the character itself hasn’t so much.

Neville vs Mustafa Ali

No pre match handshake before the match. The bell rang, and the guys hesitated a bit, then tied up. Neville knocked Ali down immediately, and offered Ali a chance to leave the ring and quit the match. A test of strength broke out, but Neville kicked Ali in the ribs, and took him down with a headlock. Ali started to fight out, but Neville bounced off of the ropes, and ran through Ali. Ali did a cartwheel over Neville, but then Neville caught Ali in a wheel barrow position, and spiked Ali into the mat. Neville started to go to work on Ali, and started taunting Aries. Ali hit a roll through move on Neville, then took him down with a head scissors for a pin attempt, but Neville kicked out at 1. Ali stayed on Neville in the corner, but the referee backed Ali away. They tied up, and went into the opposite corner, and the ref broke it up again. Neville took Ali back into the corner for a 4 count, and started to bully Ali. Neville sent Ali into the air, and then crashing down face first into the mat for a 2 count. Neville stayed on top of things, and hit Ali with some knees to the head, and started to smother Ali in the ropes with his foot. Neville then whipped Ali hard into the corner, and Neville started to taunt the crowd. Neville then kicked Ali in the head again, and pinned Mustafa for a 2 count. Neville then hit a dropkick, followed by another pin attempt. Neville would continue to toy with Ali, and applied a headlock for a while. Ali tried to fight out, and sent Neville out on to the apron before delivering a kick that sent Neville to the outside, followed by a twisting crossbody onto Neville. Both guys were down on the outside, but Neville made it into the ring first. Ali made it back in at 9, then hit a kick on Neville, followed by a roll through neck breaker for a near fall. Ali looked frustrated, as he went back to work on Neville. Neville hit a huge forearm that sent Ali into the corner. Ali went for a tornado ddt, but Neville reversed, and racked Ali on the ropes. Neville set up for a top rope move with Ali, but Ali reversed, and hit a standing Spanish fly from the top rope, and pinned Neville for the 1-2-NO!! Amazing move! Ali set up for the reverse 450 splash, but Neville caught him. Ali then spiked Neville with a huge spinning ddt for the 1-2-NO!! Ali went for the 450 splash again, but Neville rolled to the apron. Ali then tried to bring Neville to the top rope, but Neville kicked Ali off of him. Neville then grabbed Ali, and hit a release german suplex. Ali looked dazed, as Neville looked on, and dragged Ali across the ring. Neville then sent Ali head first into the ring post on the outside of the ring. Neville then looked at Aries, and drug Ali across the floor while staring Aries down. Neville then tossed Ali back into the ring, and pointed at Aries. Mustafa Ali tried to fight his way up, but Neville locked in the rings of Saturn, and Ali quickly tapped out. After the match, Neville got face to face with Aries, then went back into the ring to celebrate his victory, and stare at Aries from a far some more.

Analysis: Wow what an amazing match to end the show! That’s two really good matches tonight! While the action in the ring was hot from bell to bell, with big moves sprinkled all throughout it, this was mostly about building things up between Neville and Aries. With that said, you have to give Mustafa Ali tons of credit, as this wasn’t even about him, yet he almost beat Neville twice, and hit an amazing standing Spanish fly from the top rope. Incredible! In the end, the champion won the match, and looked strong in doing so, before heading into his match with Austin Aries at Wrestlemania 33.

That’s all for this weeks show folks! I think we saw just how fun the show can really be when the focus is more on the wrestling, and less on… Alicia Fox eating flowers at ringside? Until next time, I’m Drew, and I hope you all have a great rest of your week! Just a few more days until Wrestlemania!!

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