WWE 205 Live Results 6/6

We’re live from the Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, New York, as the King of the Cruiserweights and TJP get ready to throw down for the Cruiserweight Championship.
The show opens with footage of Neville making Austin Aries tap out Sunday at Extreme Rules followed by TJP’s victory over Mustafa Ali on Raw and then Neville ambushing TJP after the match Monday.
Noam Dar is the first wrestler out from backstage. The Scottish Supernova is conspicuously alone without Alicia Fox by his side. Dar starts talking smack about how Alicia left Cedric Alexander for him. Dar says Fox is at home recovering from her neck injury suffered at Extreme Rules. Cedric’s music interrupts further comment from Dar, who mentioned that Alicia told him to tell Cedric that he should move on.

Noam Dar vs Cedric Alexander
Dar takes Alexander to the mat with a headlock. Cedric breaks the hold and nails Dar on the chin with a dropkick and followed it up with some big right hands. Alexander then hits a spinning kick on Dar off the ring apron.
Dar reverses the momentum, bending Alexander’s elbow into a pretzel before landing a vicious kick to his ribs. Dar then tries to take advantage of the hurt left arm with an arm bar.
Alexander breaks the hold and hits a huge right elbow to Dar’s head. Alexander then attacks off the top rope with a Springboard Flying Clothesline. Alexander went for a Double Underhook, but Dar gets out of it with a soccer-style kick to Alexander’s shins.

Dar then gets a near fall with a kick to the head. Just when it looks like Dar was loading up a finishing strike run, Alexander hits a Lumbar Check on Dar for the 3-count.
After the match, Alexander points at Dar and says, “we’re done with this. I’ve moved on. You should, too.”
Winner: Cedric Alexander

Mustafa Ali vs Louie Valley
Ali takes control with a running Shoulder Tackle and Standing Dropkick. Louie counters with a number of haymaker punches.
Louie tries to charge Ali in the corner, but he gets out of the way and Valley rams his shoulder into the ring post. Ali is getting ready for a top-rope finishing move when Drew Gulak comes out with a bullhorn and a “No Fly Zone” sign.
With Ali distracted, Louie tries to roll him up with an Inside Cradle, but Ali reverses it into a pin for the victory.
Gulak shouts through the bullhorn that he’s proud of Ali for winning while staying on the ground. Ali promptly drops Gulak on the ramp and leaves him writhing as the crowd cheers.
Winner: Mustafa Ali
We go backstage and Rich Swann is talking with Akira Tozawa with Titus O’Neil in the background. Titus asks Swann to leave so he can talk to, “Towaza.” Titus makes his pitch for Tozawa to join the Titus Brand so that it can go international.
Main Event: Cruiserweight Champion Neville vs TJP
WWE has been building this rivalry for months with TJP serving as a protege of Neville to help weaken Austin Aries. Neville finally turned on TJP on Monday Night Raw this week. We’ll see if the King of the Cruiserweights is in a foul mood.
Neville and TJP aggressively tangle with each other as Neville backs him to the ropes. Neville gets TJP to the mat, but TJP escapes and then rapid-fire slaps Neville on the back of the head.
The champ gets TJP back to the mat, squeezing the air out of him in a headlock. TJP breaks the hold and grabs Neville’s hair, but Neville grabs TJP by the hair and flings him halfway across the ring.
TJP tries a Running Shoulder Tackle, but Neville rebounds off the ropes and shoves TJP down hard with his own Running Shoulder Tackle. TJP then attempts a half-crab submission hold, but Neville reverses it into a headlock.
Neville tries to pound TJP in the corner, but TJP bends Neville into a Tarantula on the ropes. The champ gets TJP out of the ring and rams him into the barricade.
After the two trade kicks, Neville picks TJP up and bounces him face first off the announce table. TJP barely beats the count out.
Neville then gets TJP on the mat, steps on his neck and stomps him on the head. The assault continues with a big Powerslam. The King then goes to the top rope for a huge Missile Dropkick. Neville goes for another strike, but TJP flips him out of the ring and then flips himself over the ropes for a spinning kick to Neville’s head. TJP hits a Wrecking Ball Gutbuster and gets a 2-count.
TJP loads up for a Detonation Kick, but Neville gets his foot on the top rope to break the hold. Then he drives TJP face first into the mat. The champ then takes TJP’s head off with a Double-Leg Dropkick.
Neville then toys with TJP, playfully kicking him in the head twice. While Neville gloats, TJP strikes the champ’s leg and hurts his knee.
Neville escapes and goes for the Red Arrow, but whiffs. TJP goes for the knee bar and whiffs the first time, but locks it in the second time. Just when it looked like Neville might tap, he rolls through and tries to lock in the Rings of Saturn. TJP reverses it into a pinning predicament, but Neville rolls through again and this time successfully gets the Rings of Saturn submission for the victory.
Winner: Neville
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