WWE 205 Live Results (8/14): Cedric Alexander vs Jack Gallagher, Lio Rush in Action, Road to SummerSlam & More

WWE 205 Live Results
August 14, 2018

Report by Mike Killam for ProWrestling.com

— Lio Rush came out and trashed Greenville for being a garbage city full of garbage people. He said the fans are lucky to witness the “Man of the Hour” perform because he’s the best cruiserweight on the planet, and he does what he does better than anyone. Rush says with all due respect, Tozawa is “one of the best”, but he’s about step into the ring with “the best” and feel the rush. Did you get all your gimmicks in there, kid?


Tozawa got in some good shots early on, attacking with rapid strikes while his opponent was still taking off his rings. He hit a nice hurricanrana takedown, but the referee backed him off because the match hadn’t started yet and Rush still needed time to take off his rings and get ready. This of course was a set-up for the 23-year-old superstar to send Tozawa hard into the turnbuckle and put the beatdown to him in the corner. Rush threw some running shoulders and slowed things down with a body scissors. Eventually Tozawa battles back, breaks the hold and gets his boots up in the corner, kicking his opponent to the floor and following up with a great suicide dive to take both guys down. The two rolled back into the ring but it was Rush who hit a spin kick and went to the top rope. Tozawa caught him with a jumping palm strike on the way down, set up for superplex spot, but Rush countered and hit an insane Frog Splash to get the win.

Winner: Lio Rush

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— Drew Gulak cut a backstage promo calling himself a leader because of his actions in, and out of the ring. He said he was the greatest submission specialist on the planet, and at SummerSlam he would put the GuLock on a “complacent” Cruiserweight Champion and take the title, because he represents not only a vision, but an entire generation.

— Drake Maverick confirmed that Mustafa Ali is “suffering from exhausting” after some of his recent matches, and that he wouldn’t return to the ring until he was completely healed up and ready to compete. Hideo Itami claims that he has ended Mustafa Ali, and in doing so, stopped the very heart of 205 Live.


Newman managed to get in a few kicks and strikes, but this was basically the squash match you expected it to be. Itami lit him up with strikes, hits a Falcon Arrow, but refused to actually go for the easy cover. He pulled Newman back up and hit a hesitation dropkick sending him hard into the corner, then picked him back up and did it again. He went for it again, but the referee eventually just called for the bell to stop the manslaughter.

Winner: Hideo Itami

— Cedric Alexander is interviewed and admits that he has been training harder than ever before to be ready for Drew Gulak at SummerSlam. He questions Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher being at his side and constantly involving themselves in their business, but says he’s ready no matter what because being a champion is all about dealing with the variables. Cedric reminded everyone that he is still undefeated in 2018 and that he is still the soul of 205 Live, and nobody respects the brand or the title more than him.


Gallagher took control with a few cheap shots early and slowed things down from the start, applying side headlocks while kicking at his opponent’s sides and the back of his head. Every time it looked like the champion was going to fight out of the hold, Gallagher would break it and dropkick him in the head, or drill a knee into his shoulder blades. Eventually they fought into the corner and the challenger used a blatant choke to stay in control, until the referee forced him to break it up.

After a beat the fans willed Cedric back into the match and the champion started flying off the ropes with some beautiful takedowns. He went off the springboard and got some serious elevation for a high-angle crossbody, but only got two. Gallagher caught him with another cheap shot and dropped his neck over the ropes, then came off the top with a knee to the back of the head. He went for a crossface submission and eventually got it synched in, but Cedric rolled him into a small package for a very close nearfall.

Gentleman Jack delivered hard, calculated right hands one after another, but Alexander came back with chops, trading blow for blow. He went for the Lumbar Check but the challenger countered in midair into a front-mounted sleeper hold! They teased a knock-out spot, but Cedric deadlifted him into a Falcon Arrow instead to break the hold, with what little energy he had left. Both guys were slow getting to their feet, but it was Gallagher who delivered some brutal looking knees in the corner, followed by a Gutwrench Powerbomb for another close nearfall, as the champ got his foot on the bottom rope just in time.

Gulak started to get frustrated, lining up for a big move in the corner, but Alexander caught him out of nowhere with a lightning quick Spanish Fly, sneaking the pin to end an excellent match.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

— Alexander celebrated his victory on the entrance ramp, but was blindsided by Brian Kendrick. The two fought back into the ring and somehow Cedric managed to knock Gallagher out with a shot that sent him flying from the ring, then shake off Kendrick and plant him with the Lumbar Check. Just when he thought he was safe, Drew Gulak snuck into the ring and applied the GuLock, knocking the champion out cold and leaving him laying with the title over his unconscious body.