WWE Considering Opening a Theme Park?

— WWE appears to be venturing into the world of theme parks as they have been working with a company called “Forrec”, an international entertainment design corporation, to create a theme park with WWE branded attractions.

— Some of the attractions will include a Moonsault ride, the Rock Bottom, Suplex City as well as Triple H’s Sledgehammer. As well, a dark ride titled Road to WrestleMania and a John Cena roller coaster.

— Also in the theme park is expected to be additional attractions such as an NXT Bootcamp, Royal Rumble, an Andre the Giant fun house and a House of Horrors, likely to be branded with the Undertaker and other performers.

— It is not known whether such a potential theme park would be indoors or outdoors but there has been speculation for a number of years that the company has been looking to get into this field with a possible location in Orlando, Florida.

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— For more information, check out this PDF on Forrec’s site, beginning on page 26.