WWE Elimination Chamber Results: Andrade Defends United States Title

The following report comes from our complete WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view live coverage courtesy of our own Doug Enriquez.


Andrade hits a HUGE back elbow right out of the gates to Carrillo, then goes for the cover, but Carrillo kicks out Carrillo ties to get some momentum, but Andrade hits a back body drop on Carrillo. Andrade whips Humberto into the corner and springboards up and hits Andrade with a high crossbody. Both men up and Carrillo now hits a springboard arm drag, sending Andrade across the ring and to the outside.

Carrillo goes after Andrade, but Andrade grabs the head and pulls it off the ropes, sending Carrillo crashing and burning. Andrade gets in and grabs the arm of Carrillo and nails him with repeated back elbows. Carrillo once again tries to come back, but Andrade knees Carrillo hard, buckling the legs of Carrillo before Andrade sends him out of the ring.

Back in the ring, Andrade now locks in an arm bar on Carrillo. Carrillo fights back up and hits a few kicks and forearms to Andrade, but once again Andrade comes back with a knee. He winds up and looks to clothesline Carrillo over the top rope, but Carrillo sends him up and over, crashing down hard to the mats below. Andrade comes back in and nails a jaw breaker on Andrade, but Andrade tries to not slow down, which him charging in leads into a tilt-a-whirl back breaker from Humberto. Humberto charges at him once again, but Andrade dodges and sends him head first into the turnbuckle.

Andrade goes up top, but Humberto interrupts him, sending Andrade crashing. Carrillo tries for a superplex, but Andrade fights back with a HUGE chop. Carrillo fights back with a chop of his own before nailing a SUPER HURRICANRANA!!! Carrillo crawls to the cover, 1……….2………….Andrade kicks out!

Carrillo goes up top to hit a finishing moonsault, but Andrade moves, and Carrillo lands on his feet! Humberto runs at Andrade, but Andrade arm drags him into the corner! Andrade runs and nails the meterora double knees on Humberto and goes for the cover, but Carrillo kicks out! Zelina Vega can’t believe it and she starts to lift up the mats on the outside.

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Andrade brings Carrillo out there to hit the hammerlock DDT, but Carrillo reverses with a back body drop. Both men back on the inside and Carrillo goes for the cover, but Andrade reverses with his own cover. Carrillo reverses into a roll up, but Andrade reverses into a rollup of his own and grabs the tights to pick up the three count!

Winner AND STILL WWE United States Champion: Andrade “Cien” Almas