WWE Ends Up Allowing Hardys to Wrestle on House of Hardcore Show

Matt and Jeff Hardy were able to compete in The House of Hardcore event in Philadelphia, PA – albeit in limited fashion.
According to reports, WWE went back-and-forth on the idea of even letting the Hardys appear at the indie event. They first were not allowing it, then agreed but only if there was no wrestling/physicality involved. That is why on Friday evening, Matt appeared but did not participate in any sort of wrestling.
For Saturday’s event, it seems WWE had a last minute change of heart. Tommy Dreamer cut a promo before the match saying that he got a call from WWE earlier in the day, giving the Hardys permission to wrestle and if it wasn’t for them, this match wouldn’t be happening. He went on to say he owes WWE a favor.

The match itself ended up very safe and quick, with the Hardys winning in fairly short order.