WWE Extreme Rules Results (7/15): Ironman Match Goes Into Overtime, New Champions Crowned, Lashley Tames The Big Dog, More!

WWE Extreme Rules Results
July 15, 2018
PPG Paints Arena, Pittsburgh, PA
Report by Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com


It’s time for EL IDOLO, Andrade “Cien” Almas, who makes his way down to the ring alongside Zelina Vega, both dressed in gold.

Almas starts with a big chop to the chest of Sin Cara, but Sin Cara comes back with a series of lucha moves, sending Almas around the ring and eventually out of it. Sin Cara goes for a suicide dive, but Almas side steps and sends Sin Cara flying and crashing into the barricade, shoulder first.

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Almas sends Sin Cara back into the ring, and he goes to work, stomping on the shoulder of Sin Cara. Sin Cara tries to fight back, but runs into a BIG back elbow from Almas. Almas follows him to the outside and slams him into the barricade again. Almas throws Sin Cara back in to the ring and gets an arm bar, focusing the pressure on the injured shoulder of Sin Cara. Sin Cara tries to fight back, but Almas just grinds at the shoulder of the Luchador.

Finally Sin Cara works his way back to his feet, and then hits a springboard crossbody onto Almas. He then hits a springboard moonsault and goes for a cover, but Almas kicks out. Sin Cara goes for a move, but hes caught in leg scissors position by Almas, but Sin Cara turns it into A DESTROYER! Not sure if that was inadvertent, but it looked brutal!

Almas hits a boot on a charging Sin Cara and hops onto the top rope, but Sin Cara sends him crashing off and his back and neck hit the apron hard. OUCH. Almas gets onto the apron and Sin Cara leaps to the top and hits a type or leg scissors to Almas on the outside. A little sloppy but got the job done. Sin Cara sends Almas back in to the ring and hits a big frog splash and goes for the cover, but Zelina Vega gets on the ring apron long enough to distract the referee, and let Almas gain the advantage, sending Sin Cara into the turnbuckle. He hits the double knees to the face of Sin Cara and follows it up with the hammer lock DDT to pick up the victory.

Winner: Andrade “Cien” Almas


We get chaos to start and all men go to the outside and start to brawl. The dust settles and we are left with Big E fighting off Eric Young & Alexander Wolfe, but to no avail. The two men try to put Big E through a table on the outside, but are saved by Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston, who send to the two to the outside. The New Day members have something in mind as Kofi and Woods both hit summersault planchas onto Young and Wolfe. Killian Dain comes out of nowhere and hits a suicide dive to Woods & Kingston on the outside.

Back in the ring. Young & Wolf have recovered and set up Kofi Kingston for a double superplex off the top, but Woods and Big E pull them off and have them in powerbomb position. Kofi recollects himself and hits a double stomp onto both men as everyone goes crashing to the mat. Wow.

Killian Dain is back in and he starts to eliminate everyone, but is met by a Trouble In Paridise by Kofi Kingson. Alexander Wolf and Kofi Kingston start to battle on the ring apron right next to a set up table as Kofi teeters on the apron and hangs onto Wolf to prevent himself from falling to defeat, but Eric Young jumps to the top rope and jumps off onto Kofi, sending Kofi though the table and picking up the victory.

Winners: SAnitY

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