WWE Heat Report (11/11/07) Taped in Los Angeles, California

WWE Heat Report-11th November 2007
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Commentators: Todd Grisham & Jonathan Coachman
Ring Announcer: Lilian Garcia

Welcome one and all. This week, as Survivor Series took shape, Chris Masters was wished the best in his future endeavours and we paid tribute to the Fabulous Moolah (more on her later). With reular Heat hand Val Venis out following elbow surgery this week’s show begins with………………………………..

Melina vs Mickie James
Melina wows the crowd with her splits entrance. Both Divas are looking for revenge following the cancelling out of each other in the Battle Royal on Raw two weeks ago. A tussle leads to a stalemate and break. Following another tussle to the mat, Melina bridges up to knee the gut then wristlock Mickie. Mickie uses a cartwheel, judo throw and armwringer to aid the reversal. Melina lands a forearm, applies a full nelson, Mickie drops down, hooking a small package for a nearfall. Mickie delivers a snapmare and a dropkick to the face for a one count. Mickie forearms, Melina reverses off the ropes, Mickie ducks underneath, picks a leg and applies a single leg boston crab. Melina inches to the ropes, screaming for Mickie to get off who is forced to comply. Melina kicks Mickie, rams her shoulder into the ringpost then kicks her to the outside. Back inside, Melina traps Mickie’s arm in the rope, putting pressure on it with her boot. An armbar takedown by Melina is followed by trash talking, a hair pull and slap to the head. Melina then gets Mickie’s attention with a full blown slap across the face. Ouch! Melina gets a kick to the head, nearfall, snapmare and cinches in a cross armbar. Urged to give up, Mickie instead limbers her way up before throwing Melina off. Melina comes back with another kick but Mickie thwarts another armbar takedown with some forearm shots. Melina reverses an Irish whip but charges into an elbow. Mickie comes out of the corner with a headscissors. Mickie lands a thesz press and punches as Melina tries to cover up. Mickie fires up before catching Melina with a hangmans neckbreaker for a nearfall. Mickie sends Melina off the ropes, Melina jumps over Mickie, Mickie delivers a forearm and gives Melina a receipt from before with her own slap to the face. Mickie grabs the hair and delivers a long kiss that stuns Melina. Nice! Mickie swiftly knocks Melina out with a roundhouse kick for the 1-2-3. Good opener from the Divas with Mickie talking Melina through it. Melina’s getting better.
Here is Your Winner: MICKIE JAMES. Post match, Mickie takes a bow, blows a kiss to the unconscious Melina then high fives fans on her way to the back.

Ron Simmons vs Aaron Aguilera
The Wrestling Society X invasion continues following Joey “Kaos” Munez’s outing against Snitsky last Monday on Raw as here’s Joey’s partner in the Los Pochos tag team, Aaron Aguilera. Grisham says Aaron is no relation to Christina while Coachman says Aguilera has been on Heat before. Neither mentions Aguilera’s brief tenure as Jesus in 2004. Simmons delivers a boot then works over Aguilera’s gut and back with a series of lethargic punches. Simmons delivers a messy snapmare and a falling headbutt to the gut. Aguilera gets in a rake to the face and some shots to the back before ramming Simmons’ head into the corner. Aguilera continues the attack with a double axehandle, boot and elbow across the head. Aguilera plays to the crowd saying who’s the man? The crowd loudly boo Aguilera who tastes defeat after running into a sloppy powerslam. Simmons is a shell of his former self but his act is over and his matches last about a minute so it’s not too bad. Here is Your Winner: RON SIMMONS. Simmons makes the crowd wait and a few jump the gun before Simmons says his piece. DAMN! Next week’s Heat should have Snitsky & Ron Simmons vs Los Pochos. Go on WWE, make the damn match. Pun intended.

Next comes the well put together tribute to the Fabulous Moolah who was 84. My condolences go out to her friends and relatives. A pioneer of women’s wrestling she had a twenty eight year reign as champion which is the longest title reign in history. Defending that title over four generations, Moolah had her own wrestling school and was the first woman to wrestle at Madison Square Garden. She was also the first female wrestler to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 1995. RIP.

Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs The Highlanders
Main Event time. The crowd couldn’t care less for the Highlanders. Grisham dubs this an unofficial Number 1 contenders match for the World Tag Team titles. Rory elbows out of a Kendrick hammerlock. Rory Irish whips, Kendrick floats over a charge before armdragging the bald scotsman. Londrick give Rory a double hiptoss. London applies an armbar, Rory backs him to the corner and lands some shots. Rory Irish whips, London sidesteps a charge and hits two armdrags. Rory blocks a rollup attempt off the ropes but turns into a dropkick. Rory scampers to the outside for a bit before coming back in, cowering away and tagging an apprehensive Robbie. London blocks Robbie’s knee attempt but can’t block a headbutt. Robbie uppercuts London into a corner where he gets choked and his face pulled. Robbie’s punches win out over London’s kicks. London blocks a head ram to the corner by kicking the gut then turning the tables but it has no effect. London ducks a lunge before hitting a dropkick and armdrag. Londrick give Robbie a double hiptoss then Kendrick armdrags as Heat abruptly cuts away for a Raw 15th Anniversary plug (10th December) followed by a commercial break. Amazingly, for once we pick up where we left off as Robbie gets to the ropes to break Kendrick’s armbar. Kendrick steps over Robbie, forearms Rory off the apron but Robbie sends him through the ropes after a double axehandle sledge across the back. Outside, Rory drives Kendrick’s back into the apron. Back inside Kendrick drapes a foot along the bottom rope to break up Robbie’s cover. The Highlanders focus on Kendrick’s back. Rory lands a club from the second rope before standing on Kendrick with the aid of the ropes. After Rory delivers a kneedrop, Kendrick gets headbutted back down where Robbie stomps and applies a chinlock/knee to the back combo. Robbie throws Kendrick back down as he tries to get up. In-between getting worked over, Kendrick is yanked away by the leg and kept in isolation as now Rory spreads out Kendrick’s arms and puts pressure on his side and back. Rory pulls at Kendrick’s face then sustains some of Kendrick’s forearms before picking a leg and pulling him back to the Highlander corner. Robbie goes back to the chinlock/knee in the back combo. Kendrick punches free, Robbie beats him down, Irish whips and misses a charging splash. Both men tag out and London springs in over the top rope. London ducks Rory and gives him an inverted atomic drop, running forearm, backelbow and dropkick. Rory reverses London off the ropes, London counters a backbodydrop with a boot to the head and a headscissors. London fires up, Robbie runs in but gets his legs swept. London hits another dropkick on Rory for a nearfall. Rory reverses an Irish whip, London gets his feet up on a charge with the momentum spinning London out onto the apron. Air London springs off the top rope connecting on the back of Rory with an awesome mushroom stomp which even Grisham manages to call. Cover 1-2-broken up by a Robbie double axehandle. Kendrick dropkicks Robbie and both men roll outside. London lands forearms to Rory who then walks into a spinning heel kick. London fires up, runs the ropes, Robbie checks the leg, London turns and kicks Robbie away. Kendrick takes Robbie out with a flying forearm. Back inside London turns to Rory who drills him with a headbutt to the gut before hooking a small package for the cheap 1-2-3. Good match due to Londrick’s efforts. Best match the Highlanders have had for a long time. Here Are Your Winners: THE HIGHLANDERS. Post match sees the Highlanders duck outside as Kendrick tends to London. Londrick clutch their guts, probably feeling as sick as me with the outcome. Robbie looks shocked his team won as Rory smiles. Grisham says the best team doesn’t always win before dubbing London and Kendrick fantastic. In the case of the Highlanders it’s them at the expense of the best team getting the push.

As the Highlanders raise their arms in the air, Grisham thanks us for watching to end the show.

Best Match: Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs The Highlanders.
Worst Match: Ron Simmons vs Aaron Aguilera.
Show Verdict: Thumbs in the middle. Londrick provide entertainment and a good match as always and the Divas match is well worth a view.

See you next weekend for another edition of Heat along with a Survivor Series preview. Shaun.

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