WWE is Reportedly Building Towards a Hardy Boyz Split

At the Extreme Rules show last night, Matt and Jeff Hardy had a very competitive steel cage match against Cesaro and Sheamus. The match was going well for the champions when Jeff Hardy managed to escape the cage, but that changed when he hit a Whisper in the Wind from the top of the cage, thus placing him back into the match in the process. The match ended with both teams escaping the cage at the same time, but video evidence proved that Cesaro and Sheamus both escaped the cage first. The Hardys lost the Raw Tag Team Championships, and that may be the beginning of the end of the reunion between the brothers soon.
Cageside Seats is reporting that although the Hardy Boyz are still very popular, WWE felt that they went about as far as they can go with the Raw Tag Team Championships. It looks like the company could be planting the seeds for an eventual split between the Hardys. The idea will likely be that Jeff Hardy’s high risks keep costing them their matches. Jeff Hardy is rumored to be receiving a run as a singles star soon, so it is very possible that WWE could be setting something big up soon between the brothers. The Hardys are expected to get a few more pay-per-view matches with Cesaro and Sheamus though, so a split is not expected to be immediate.
The Hardy Boyz have been entertaining throughout their WWE reunion, but nothing lasts forever in this industry. With Golden Truth, #DIY, and potentially Enzo and Cass all splitting up, it seems odd that WWE would be building towards another tag team split, but that is the rumor right now. Both Hardy brothers are still entertaining enough on their own though, and each have proven how great they are as singles stars. No word on if this could lead to the “Broken” gimmick debuting in WWE. We will have to wait and see over the next few weeks to figure out the next steps for the Hardy Boyz, but they are expected to remain a team for at least a few more shows.

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